Welcome to our home.
Look at your leisure, stay as long as you can.
To see the entire room, click on the title.

The Front Gardens

The Entry

The Family Room

The Guest Room
The wall color is Sherwin Williams Baguette SW6123 and is the same throughout the house,
 except for the next two photos.
This room is Sherwin Williams Camelback SW6122


  1. Ok, I'm officially jealous! Wow, you are a beautiful decorator!

  2. OH. MY. Gosh.

    Your antique furniture will surely be ruined for all the drooling I just left.

    Absolutely stunning rooms. EVERY single one of them.

    You know you have a commode very similar to the one I inherited from my mother - will have to eventually do a home tour as well on m y blog that is only on its 10th day of existence. There's time.

    Your house tour is amazing and I cannot WAIT to see more soon!!!!!!

  3. Hi Robin,

    I share your LOVE of the 30 A Beaches. I moved here from Phoenix to sell real estate, and it does not get any better than the homes from Inlet Beach into Grayton.
    I am particularly fond of Rosemary Beach and Seaside but love the Red Bar in Grayton.
    Look me up next time you are in the Pan Handle Barbara@ LifesA
    Nice BLOG!!

  4. Hi Robin,
    I'm so glad I found your blog! Your house is lovely and I'm in love with your white grand piano (it's my dream to own my own baby grand :))
    Thank you for let us peek into your beautiful home.
    Yuko @ northfield gate

    1. Thanks for the visit. I enjoyed my visit to your place too!


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