Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Reveal

On a post like this, it is hard to know which picture to show first.  This is the big reveal of the master bath redo and because I love it all, it is tempting to just show a full-on shot of everything right off the bat.  But, I think I will remind you of the old shutter-shot first and then move on to the improved version, is the before picture of the tub and the shutters...........

And here is a similar picture after the remodel.   Similar because there is no way to get the same angel in the picture because the layout changed and the axis shifted during the remodel.

Believe it or not, the bathtub choice changed the direction this room would go several times.  The first preference was for a claw-foot tub with messaging air vents to circulate the water, but on closer inspection immediately before the order was placed it was discovered that the claw-foot tub was too small.  When that happened, it changed the floor tile, it necessitated additional cabinetry order for the tub surround as well as a material chosen for the deck of the tub--all items that could effect the budget.  It was a relief to find that the cost of the final tub choice was less than the claw-foot option and we are very happy with the result but can't you just imagine a beautiful claw-foot tub in this space.

This is the tub filler I chose because of the vintage look.  My contractor inadvertantly threw away the part that looks like a telephone receiver and had to purchase it again.  He was not happy about that, but.....

Remember, the vanity I showed you yesterday that was the inspiration for most of the finishes.  Here it is again for comparison to the final product.

image courtesy of Pottery Barn
 Here is our interpretation.....

Pretty similar.  Not quite the same, the center drawers are larger than the side drawers and not all of the drawer are totally operational because of the sink's drain pipe.  Again, Mike, the contractor extraordinaire, was able to modify the inside of this piece.  We went with two separate vanities and both have tall storage to the side.  Here they both are with the storage units married to them.


One vanity has doors with electricity inside the cabinet for electric toothbrushes and other accessories.  The other side has drawers for storing clothing so that no dresser is needed in the master bedroom.  Yeah!

Next is the shower, it is about 5 feet by 5 feet now with a nice long bench.  The floor in the entire bathroom, closet and shower are heated.  No cold toes here.  I also wanted a bench for those times when you're sick and a shower is what you need but it just wears you out.  Can you relate?  Maybe I've had the flu one too many times, ya think?

Here's the bench in the shower

The vertical stripe is glass tile that I just fell in love with.  I had to incorporate it somehow and the tile people and I struggled with this one.  They thought I should have used it around the tub someplace too, but I'm happy with it in the shower only.  Kind of an unusual element, but it sparkles.

And because the closet was an very important feature in the remodel, going from two tiny closets to one bigger closet, here is the best picture I could get.  The closet is still not huge, but it is so functional and there are two walls like this one with built-in shelves on each end.  Sorry for the horrible photo.

I took the picture so you could see the top rack that is not even being used for clothing right now.  If you look closely, you can see the other two rack underneath.

Next I wanted to share some of the other details in this bathroom that make it a pleasing space.

This is the light over the tub.  I love the older look of the bubble glass and I did not want a chandelier.  It is on a separate switch with a dimmer so it can be the only light on in the room.  I ordered a lantern from Ballard Designs but when it came, it was huge!  I panicked.  I returned it and was relieved that it only cost something like $6.95 to use their return label  and went to Home Depot and bought this one for 1/3 the price.  Relief.

This is a detail I added to the granite that adds a vintage detail.  I remembered seeing it on antique wash stands.  The granite people thought I was nuts, and asked me to make an exact template for it which scared me to death, but I am happy with the end result.  I wanted the same edge put around the undermounted sinks but the granite company said no to that idea.  This picture also gives the detail of the mirrors.   I kept them simple on purpose.  Because each vanity was a different size, I had to have the mirrors made and I was surprised at how affordable it was.  We hung the mirrors ourselves and one fell of the wall the first time we hung it.  It survived with minor damage that I DIYed it and I barely notice it now.  It was about a heart attack for me when it happened.

This is the water closet--separate and distint now with no glass anywhere close.

That's it for this project.  Hope you enjoyed the process.  Thanks for reading.  Robin

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful bathroom! I think you are so smart to put a bench in the shower. I am dying that you have heated floors~my dream :) Love that strip of tile in the shower as well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful job! Following you from thrifty decor chick-Stop by for a visit!!

  3. Oh this remodel defiantely deserves more comments, oh my WORD!!!!!

    Did you link it to Metamophasis Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch? If not, head on over soon and share these amazing fantastic grand redos with the blog world!


    And I absolutely love that "unqiue self designed piece of granite cut" by your sink - it really pops, great idea. Glad they took your word for it, stunning design element.

    I totally love your taste, and I think we've enjoy one another's homes. Lemme know if you are ever in Ohio, haha!!!

  4. What a nice remodel. I really like the new tub, doesn't getting rid of those cultured marble beasts do wonders for a bathroom? Great shower too and of course I like your curvy backsplash! Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great day!


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