Sunday, December 10, 2017


A random selection of Christmas Trees I had the pleasure of working on this year....

This is a tree in the entrance of St. Anthony's Family Shelter
All of the decorations are handmade by a Bible Study group from
Hope Mennonite Church

 This tree is in the dining room of St. Anthony's Family Shelter
The children put white handprints on red paper plates
Candy cane ribbon trims the tree

 A tree my partner and I placed in a house we worked on

Another tree in the same house

 Another house my partner and I worked on...

My tree

Merry Christmas to All!

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Thinking about all of you and wanted to share just a few inspiring photos on this Maundy Thursday.

In February, I was in Florida and the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County hosted a Valentine's Tour of Homes.  With my passion for interiors, and my husband's interest in them too, we saw five inspiring spaces.  Here are just a couple of photos I snapped...

Isn't this staircase just magnificient?  The craftsmanship on the posts is amazing and the light coming through the window just highlights them so well.

Just a stunning interior and beyond the french doors lays the gulf!  Oh be still my racing heart!  In each house, artwork by local artists was featured, as you can see on the middle right side of the photo.

On our way, we stopped by Nashville to see our son who attends Vanderbilt's business school and walked the campus.  Loved this sculpture...

That's it for this post, but I couldn't let Easter come and go without a quick hello and wishes for a blessed Sunday. 

Colored eggs never compare to what nature does naturally...

Thanks for reading...


Monday, March 13, 2017


Yes, sad to say, I am frightfully slow at getting some things done.  I've been wanting a cushion for this window seat for 22 years!  BUT, the good news is I never lost sight of my goal and now I've done it!  Yeah!  Applause might be in order here.

The path to this goal was not smooth either.  I taped the window seat to get it ready for painting and panicked for months (yes, maybe three months) over whether to sand before starting, whether to prime before applying the paint, whether to use a liquid sander, etc.  Every thought to keep me from moving on with this job entered my mind.  The blue painter's tape became part of the decor for a long time BUT finally I just jumped.  I primed the lids on top that lift with two coats of oil-based primer (NEVER AGAIN) and then put two coats of water-based enamel paint on top of that.  For the body of the project, I went straight to paint and applied three coats of the water-based enamel.  

Here's the beauty before the cushion...

The water-based enamel had a self-leveling factor to the paint and the finish (without sanding between coats) is quite smooth.  I love this Sherwin-Williams paint and have used it on my kitchen island and it wore like cast iron.

Now getting the cushion made was another story, and you all know every blogger loves to tell a story!  So, here it is...

I called my upholsterer and everything was going great until she quoted me the price of the foam.  It was more than the labor to make the cushion!  I immediately went to the internet to try to find the foam at a lower price and was successful.  BUT, not satisfied, I went to my local Joann Fabric store with my trusty coupon and found it about 60% cheaper than my upholsterer quoted me.  It was fortunate for me that the upholsterer encouraged me to shop around for a deal on the foam!  I ordered the fabric online and VIOLA my dream of 22 years came to life.  I smile every time I walk by the room!  I will add more pillows as I find them or attempt to make a few and this project will continue to evolve, as every house does.

So, my friends, don't let time make you think it's too late to do your projects.  In some regards, it is good to dream about them for a long time and let them percolate.  Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Just about the time you think, "She's never going to write another blog post," I write another one just to keep stringing you along...sorry!  It's just that since I began blogging, so much has changed in the blogging world and mine.  So...I'll probably be the most irregular blogger on the planet from now on...just so you know.  I am grateful to anyone who comes for a visit!

Well, enough blah,blah,blah.  The reason for posting is Valentine’s Day !   Yeah!  I have a new heart to share with you (and for newcomers, you can see some of my others by clicking here and here)

And yes, it was filled with my favorite chocolates!  It is very different from past years, more retro with embroidery.  The fabric flowers are more traditional, but with little crochet centers.  It's always a delight to open the box and see the design for the year.

And for some more eye candy, here's a bit moreValentine’s Day  fun around the house...

  I always meant to put a pretty red bow on that command hook, but........didn't.  Oops!

 A funny side note--I went to buy a new Valentine card for my sweetie and accidentally bought the one I gave him last year AGAIN!   I must really like that card!

Happy, happy Valentine’s Day!
and thanks for sticking with me or joining me for the first time!
I love you all!


Saturday, February 11, 2017


(Note:  This is a post from 2015 and blogger has moved it to 2017 without my knowledge.  I apologize for this mix-up!)

Happy Valentine's Day!

My sweetie already gave me my Godiva heart early and I ate all of my chocolates immediately!  I love these hearts and they come up with such great designs every year.  I've been collecting for a while, but my favorite ones still make me swoon when I get them out each year. 

Hope you have a love-filled day!