Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Maybe the title of this post should be "Fade From Dark Brown to White", get the idea.

I got this little tobacco chest a few year's back from a neighbor's garage sale for $10!  The neighbor told me this was a family piece, from her husband's side of the family, hence, she had no problem getting rid of it!  I really did try to talk her out of selling it to me at this point, but she wanted it out. of. the. house!  I was happy to carry it across the street to my place.  It had cigarette burns on the top, but to me, it was just part of the history of the piece.  Here it is before paint...

Cute, huh?  I know, you probably can't believe I wanted to paint it, but...I had this new clay paint by Cece Caldwell (not compensated in any way, darn it) and was just itching to put it on a few things, so...

Here's a shot of the inside.  I didn't realize it was lined in some sort of breakable material until I moved it one day.  I had stored something heavy inside and decided to move the chest without unloading it.  BIG MISTAKE!   It broke this front panel.  I was a little sick when it happened and left the broken piece inside until now.  Today I took a hammer (yes, I did) and broke out the rest of the panel and painted the inside of the door--paint covers a lot of mistakes things we don't want to see anymore.

I turned the little piece upside-down to paint its underpinnings and found this little brass plaque.  At this point I thought maybe I had really depreciated a pricey heirloom!  Investigation proved that I hadn't and I could breathe again!  

Here she is in place and I love her even more now!  She will get a coat of wax when the paint is fully cured, but doesn't she look great in her new paint?  Those little legs were tricky to paint and now I know I DO NOT WANT TO PAINT MY STAIR SPINDLES like I thought I did.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014


Happy Easter!

I ‘m happy to report that the whole clan will gather for an Easter basket hunt and meal!  Breaking Lent will be delicious and rewarding for all!
The menu will be
A Fruit & Veggie Salad 
with homemade vinaigrette  
Mom's Slaw
Marinated Grilled Chicken
Vicki Howard's Cheesy Potatoes
Ally's Deviled Eggs 
Homemade Bread
Orange Cake with Two Frostings
Apricot Brandy Tea
Jura-Brewed Decaf Coffee
Penty of Laughter

Hope your Easter is Wonderful!


Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Last week I promised a post about a project I was doing for my son's apartment.  Here is the inspiration picture that launched the idea...

He is recreating the design elements of this room and I'll post pictures, as the room comes together.  My part of the room focused on the coat rack.  Here's the details of that project...

First step, buying a 1x4 board 6 feet long.  We bought wood, as opposed to MDF, for durability.  If you rip a screw out of MDF, you have a bigger problem with the repair that real wood.  The board was around $6.

The next step was to space 9 coat hooks, which I already had in my stash, and drill all of the holes for the screws...

Now the board was ready for paint.  We both thought the board in the inspiration photo was black...then I rechecked the glad I did.  I painted it white, then distressed the edges slightly, lightly colorwashed a stain over the entire board and then sealed everything.

Just a little tip when painting a board that you'd like the sides elevated...push pins on the underside!

Here's the final installation...
I put a french cleat on the back for hanging it on the wall.  The french cleat will disperse weight on the hooks over a longer length and not stress the board as much.

Because we only had to buy a board, the total cost was $6.  Luckily I had the hooks and the cleat.  If I factor those items into the final cost, it would be around $20.

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Monday, March 31, 2014


"In spite of cold and chills
That usher in the early spring 
We have the daffodils." 
                                --author unknown

"Yellow, yellow daffodils
You're dancing in the sun.
Yellow, yellow daffodils
You tell me spring has come." 
                                --author unknown

"Spring comes hurrying
Over the hill
Phoning the news
Through a daffodil."
              --author unknown

"A little yellow cup
A little yellow frill
A little yellow star
And that's a daffodil."
            --author unknown

I hope you enjoyed a walk through the daffodils with me.
Note:  I've added the books my book club is reading in 2014. If you're interested, just click on the tab at the top of this page labeled "Book Club" and scroll down to 2014.....happy reading.

Upcoming Posts:
1) A project for my son's home--hope to installed it this week! 
2)  A couple of painted projects.
3)  Simple Spring decorations

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Thursday, March 20, 2014


I think the Spring Cleaning bug is visiting my house--don't worry the infestation won't last long, in fact, it may be gone already.  I'm trying to get over it! 

It began when I took down some tired window treatments in the kitchen.  That decision lead to a cascade of changes.  Down came the window treatments, down came the "stuff" on top of the cabinets, and the mantle got stripped too.  Now what?  This is what happened next...

Funny thing is I liked the mantle before I photographed it but the picture of the mantle looked sparse , so...

I added a couple of platters behind the greenery.  It may just the way a picture changes the way a room "reads", but I like the mantle better without the platters when I'm in the room.   I don't know if any of this makes any sense.....but, I would love your opinion. WITH THE PLATTERS, OR WITHOUT THE PLATTERS, please vote by leaving a comment.

Here's a closeup of those rabbits (which I leave out all of the time).  They used to be terra-cotta orange.  I sprayed them years ago and loved them all over again!

Rabit #1 without the platter

Rabbit #2 with the platter

Also, last, but not least, I'd like to shout THANK YOU to Marty from A Stroll Thru Life for the $150 gift certificate I won to  I was shocked and delighted and I knew my son wanted a pair of sunglasses, so I passed the joy on to him.  Here he is in the glasses he got for free!  THANKS MARTY!

And thanks to my son for letting me photograph him for my blog!
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