Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I know, I know, I've been missing in action but I've been using all of my energy being p.a.t.i.e.n.t.  The kitchen did not get the promised doors last week because of a situation completely out of my control (and the control of a few others).  It pretty much looks like a work-in-progress (without a lot of progress the last couple of weeks).  I was at a party this weekend and a family member commented that I've been very patient with the project and I was shocked.  I haven't felt very patient but I am glad I appear that way to loved ones and all of the people helping (doing the work).  

Here's the latest update...

From SW Baguette to SW Pure White go the walls...

Voila!  Presto change O!
(I wish it were that quick!)  But I love the white walls.  It was a scary proposition, but I followed my heart and I'm loving it each time I walk into my messy kitchen.  And...sorry, that is all I have to share about the kitchen.

You didn't think a lot little frustration with one project would keep me from dreaming about another project or two.  Did you?  Really?

Here's my latest dilemma...

I'm going to trust my instincts on this color choice too.  Which one do you think I'll choose?  This is the little guest bath off of my new Pure White kitchen.  (I know the camera did not pick up the subtle differences.)  The Sea Salt is looking baby blue and the other two look exactly the same BUT they're not...
To be continued...
(always at this house).

For your viewing pleasure, I have some pictures to lift your spirits and make you want to go outside to see if these little buddies are in your neighborhood...
Just take a deep (yoga) breath and enjoy.

These pictures were taken at Botanica's Butterfly House in Wichita, Kansas.  We just stopped by to see what a glorious Fall day was doing in the gardens and were rewarded with these beauties.  The kitchen was a long way from my mind and everything was right in the world (for just a few moments).  Hope these pictures did the same for you.

Thanks for the visit.  Come again soon.  Maybe the kitchen will be done (just kidding, it won't be done, that's just wishful thinking on my part).

Til next time, take a moment to enjoy a change of seasons.

Friday, September 05, 2014


The looooong, sloooooow process of the kitchen remodel is coming along.  Next week I might have doors back on my WHITE cabinets!!!!!  That is the good news.  The other news is now the walls will be painted soon and I'm still stuttering a little about the exact color.  (I know what I want, but other people are questioning my choice so now I am too!  Didn't want you to think I didn't have a plan when this all began!)

But I just snapped a picture and wanted to share just a teaser of what's shaping up in this project...

This is a cabinet that will never be left opened but will be a work-horse in this kitchen.  It will house the microwave, the toaster and various other things yet to be decided.

Here are a few of the decisions that had to be made for just this cabinet...

The upper-cabinet puck lights (hanging by wires in this photo) were a tough installation.  I thought because we had fluorescent lights on top of the old cabinets this would be easy peasy!
...NO WAY...

The carpet in the bedroom above the kitchen was pulled back and holes (I didn't want to see) drilled into the upper floor to get these lights to function properly!  Keep in mind, this is not considered a major kitchen remodel!  (I know I'm using a lot of exclamation points, but I'm trying to make a point here!  Oops, did it again, didn't I?)

Here are my beautiful white, white doors waiting patiently in my garage.
OOOHHH, I hope we don't damage them before they get installed next week.  

Thanks for following along on this project with me.  Writing about it helps my anxiety a little bit (just a little), so I appreciate your visit.  When everything is finished (will it ever be?), I'll post color choices, countertop material, knob selections, handle selections, etc.

If you want information before then, I'll be glad to provide it.  Just drop me an email or comment and I'll try to get back to you in a few days.  I relied on the internet a lot when I had questions about which direction to go with certain materials and would be happy to help anyone in the same situation.

Take care...

Friday, August 29, 2014


It's time I came clean.  I've been keeping a secret and I just can't hide it anymore... 

BACKGROUND:  I recently got rid of this...

It was in a sitting room upstairs and was used to hold an old-style TV and video games.  It was great for that purpose, but my children are adults, not living at home anymore so...time to say goodbye.  (Cue the tears here)
I really hated to get rid of this piece, but my hubby wanted it gone (don't husbands usually want us to hang on to everything forever?)!?!?!?  I sat on his strange request for several years  and then gave in (I know, what a good wife, huh?) and started to daydream about redecorating the space.  I found inspiration in this photo from Pottery Barn. I loved the gallery wall but thought I'd like a different media cabinet.

So, one day I stopped by a consignment shop, hoping to find something to use instead of the PB cabinet.  I turned the corner (literally) and saw these...aaaaahhhhh!!!!!!

(Cue the music and bring in the singing birds)

I checked the price and expected sticker-shock BUT, the only shock was how nicely priced  they price were!  Gotta love resale shops!

They had two bachelor's chests and a matching headboard, which I definitely did NOT want.  I was afraid they had to be sold as a set BUT the shop keeper said he would sell them separately.  Second shock! 

I had to refrain from doing a happy dance right then and there.

THEN the deal got a little better because they took my old dresser to sell and waived the delivery fee on these beauties!

Really trying hard not to happy-dance now!

The third shock was when I was discovered this inside the drawer after delivery...

Now they just set quietly in my room and make me smile each and every day.  I cannot believe that I get to take care of them.  The room seems bigger with the two bachelor's chests and minus the old dresser.

Now you thought this story was over, but wait...  I found two of these Broyhill lamps at TJ Maxx to set atop my new-to-me chests.  I could hardly believe they look like sea urchins and they have natural linen shades--so my style.  Ooooohhhh, yes, it was a very good week.

Thanks for stopping by.  The kitchen is coming along but it will take a couple of weeks to finish it up.  Can't wait to show it to you all...stay tuned!

Take care...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

HOUSE TOUR TUESDAY, Kitchen Remodel Part 3

Yippee Skippee!  It's installation day here on Highpoint Circle and this girl (antique girl) couldn't be happier (I hope).  If you would like to see more on this remodel, look here and here.  Took a little vacay last week with my honey and it could not have come at a better time for both of us.  I was a LITTLE stressed with the remodel delays and my honey was a LITTLE stressed with his work.  So, if you know us at all, we headed to Florida, but of course, not without a little trouble from Delta Airlines cancelling our flight and taking a day of our trip away.  Gotta love flying these days.  BUT, hey, we were headed to Florida and once we got there, aaaaahhhhhh.............

I named these clouds (yes, I do things like that) "The Hand of God".  They looked like His fingers coming out of the gulf.  Spiritual moment...

This is my happy place.  I can stare at the water and meditate for hours.  

Okay, okay, head out of the clouds and back to the kitchen reno.  At least now you know that when my mind wonders, it wonders to the Emerald Coast of Florida.  TMI?

Here's what this area of the kitchen looked like this morning....  Sorry for the lousy picture (like seriously lousy), I know I should of turned off those lights, huh?  Really, soooo sorry!

Then the same space looked like this and I have to say, I liked it!  I understand the whole shelving concept going on in kitchens in a way I never could have before.  I just would not want my stuff exposed all the time.  Maybe other people's houses don't get as dusty as mine. In this house, I would have to dust my dishes before setting the table for each meal!  Noooo thank-you.

Now, it looks like this...  The sides and the doors will have glass and lighting will be added.  Crown molding will be installed between the cabinet and the ceiling  Can you see my vision starting to come to life?  This is scary-time for me--hoping my vision matches reality.

And, because I can NEVER stop decorating, the crown moldings that they took down might just find their way into another room.  Seriously, why waste good product?

Well, they are back and the noise is getting to me, so I'll sign-off for now.  Thanks for stopping by and following along on this remodel with me.  Till next time...


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Friday, August 08, 2014


Last week was one of the more frustrating weeks I've had in a long time.  Sorry to be "Debi Downer", but it just was.  Hopefully, you know, that if I'm posting about it, it must have been a doozie!

what a difference a visit (or a phone call from a friend) can make.  This visit made my day and my blood pressure a whole lot better.

Background:  I was locked out of the house from the deck and had to go to the garage at the front of the house.  While I was there I thought I'd water a planter on the porch.  I walked to the porch and thought, "I don't remember a garden statue on that rock."  I turned to look and there was this little rabbit AND he wasn't the least bit afraid of me!  We stared in disbelief at each other and decided to spend some time together on a lovely summer's evening.

It was a rare instant of something wild knowing I meant no harm and I was, in fact, grateful for a suspended moment before life went on.

So...I sat and looked at my little friend, sure he would hop at any moment BUT he didn't.

Because it felt so good to be near him and know he wasn't afraid, I talked to him.   Afterwards I felt more calm than I had in weeks.

It was wonderful to be out of "kitchen planning" mode and all of the associated problems with any major remodel and just empty myself for a bit.

Thanks for the visit little buddy.
Don't stay away too long, okay.

Thanks for reading and sticking with me through my irregular posting schedule.  I appreciate it more than you know!  Go outside and breathe deeply....

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