Tuesday, July 22, 2014

HOUSE TOUR TUESDAY: Kitchen Redo, Part 2

The ugly side of redoing something in a house is...the process of getting to the pretty part.  The hard part of getting to the pretty part is living in the mess.  aaaarrrggghhhh!  

And, so, it has begun...the kitchen countertops and backsplash were removed yesterday morning.  (Part I is here)  This is what my kitchen currently looks like...

Anyone want some dust?  It is everywhere!

Stuff is everywhere...

The last time I had countertops replaced, I didn't remove anything from the bottom cabinets.  YUCK!  Lesson learned.  Yesterday I emptied everything below the countertops and pulled all of the draws out and stored them in another room.  The good news is today the countertops will be delivered and installed.  Yeah!!!!

Notice the backsplash is gone...uh, yeah, I didn't plan on replacing it when this project started percolating in my head and I work needlessly trying to coordinate the new items with the old backsplash.   Bad idea.  Very bad idea!  I could have saved myself countless hours at the beginning if I would have just let go of the backsplash.  It really wasn't until last week that I knew the backsplash needed to go and I've been working on this project for 3-1/2 months!  Then I was overwhelmed that I needed to choose something so major for this project.  I've made a decision and I'm really happy I'm changing it now.  LESSON:  If you change your countertop, change your backsplash too.

When the countertops were removed yesterday (and the old ones went to a wonderful home, and not in the landfill,  so I don't feel so guilty for wanting new ones), I didn't realize that part of the very first countertop this house had is still here.  Would you like to see what I moved into 20 years ago?

Let me describe this to you...it is mauve Formica and it was everywhere in this kitchen along with kitchen carpet featuring a mauve flower trellis pattern.  Trying to make the best of these elements, I hung mauve plaid wallpaper.  Okay, remember, it was 20 years ago!

So, tomorrow, new Ceasarstone quartz countertops in Frosty Carinna will be installed and the backsplash will come a little later.  I hope I love those new countertops--the rest of the kitchen is based on them!

And because I don't like to end a post with an ugly picture and because you've read down (or looked at ugly pictures) this far, here's a picture of the countertop slab...

Ceasarstone Frosty Carinna

1" White Marble Hexagon Mosaic Tile

Till next time, thanks for stopping by...(wish me luck) 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

HOUSE TOUR TUESDAY, Summer Vignettes

Warning:  If you are a first time visitor, you should know that 
I  love   the beach

I go every chance I get.  So in my landlocked Kansas home, I use a lot of natural items that remind me of my time by the water.  (If you crave a little more inspiration, you can look here, here, here, and here.  There are lots more posts on this, but I should stop boring you now so you'll read the rest of this one!)

I titled this post, "Summer Vignettes", but some of these items are out all year--I just can't help myself!  A friend was recently over to my house and said, "You should do a blog post of some of these vignettes."  So, here it is...  

The huge float was a gift from a great friend who knows me well!

 This is Charlie the fish.
He frequently eats seasonal items and show up on blog posts.
This time he ate some sea glass and a shell. 

I have two of these corbels from a local antique shop.
I had no idea what I'd do with them when I bought them,
but I had to have them.
Forgot that my starfish needed a perch!

 A seashell swag on an antique iron hall tree!
Another TJ Maxx purchase--love that store.

Shock, another starfish in a lantern!
There are two of them too!
They hang beside an antique cabinet.

This cloche is from the same friend that bought me that large float in the first photo!
It sets on top of my Grandmother's bowed-front china cabinet.

And lastly, here's a little carved fish from TJ Maxx.
I paid $12.99 for it and saw it in an "antique" store for $80!

Yes, there are a couple of trends here.  One, the natural sea elements and second the antiques.  I think they make wonderful housemates.

Thanks  for stopping by.
I appreciate each visit and love to read any comments you leave.

Have a wonderful summer week!


Tuesday, July 08, 2014


This month's book club selection is Inferno by Dan Brown
I'm reading it from here
(when the mosquitoes aren't biting any exposed skin)

These are the plants that keep me company
and provide my eyes a "pretty break"
(something my older eyes need a little more often)

These are my trusty little sidekicks

When I need a reading break,
I go here and pull a few weeds
(it is really beautiful in the snow)

And, if I venture off the deck,
here are my views...

Thanks for stopping by.  If you've missed any of the house tours, you can hit the tab at the top of the blog, labeled "House Tour" or begin here.  Till next time.....


Monday, June 23, 2014


Once  upon a time,
in a far, far distant time,
a young girl 
got to marry
a Prince.

Now,  this wasn't just any Prince.
This was a flower-growing

His Mother, the Queen,
had a very green thumb
and when the Prince was
born, his thumb was green too!

The  new Princess and Prince were
very, very happy when their children
were also born with
 green thumbs
because the tradition
could continue.

Now  the Queen Mother was
generous with her gift
of the green thumb
and whatever she shared
with others grew
and knew no bounds

And  so, even when the
Queen was in eternal rest,
her green thumb continued
to bless those with whom
she shared and they too
were able to share
the gift so long ago given.

And it is with great joy
that the gift keeps giving.
each year on the Princess birthday--
she knows the Prince will give
her flowers and she'll see
the beauty of the Queen Mother
once again.

And so, this story never ends...

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


This is a rendering of how my kitchen will look in a few months!  I am so excited, I can hardly imagine that this project is finally going to happen.  This is the same view before the work begins (the island and the light fixture will stay the same, they aren't pictured in the rendering)...

The revised space will have lit, glass-front cabinets to the ceiling.  The change will add new cabinets in the now-open soffit space.  The cabinet above the cooktop will be replaced to create more of a focal point.

And then, not being able to leave well-enough alone, I saw an idea on Pinterest that will be added here.  Oooohhhh, so excited to begin! 

The countertops have finally been ordered, the electrician is scheduled, the painter thinks I'm making a mistake but I've been told that before and been delighted I didn't listen!  Stay tuned...

Thanks for reading.  (And since, you've read this far, maybe you'd like to see Part 2 now too.  Click here)  Till next time...


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