Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Did you think I'd forgotten about my blog?  I considered it, but then decided to just post when inspiration hit.

Sometimes the whole social media idea seems like a lot of bragging and I never intended my blog to reflect that.  Someone asked me when I first started the blog what my reason for creating it was.  I've pondered that questions for years.  I realize my motive was to share ideas and inspiration so that a reader would feel empowered to create a comforting home for themselves.  

Now, on to pictures...

I took down Valentine's hearts last week (you can see previous year's here and here) and I had to clear out my living room so new curtain panels could be hung, only to be told the rods I thought were readily available were on backorder for a two weeks!  Argh!

I knew I wasn't going to leave the living room disrupted (because we actually use it daily) for two weeks and began putting things back, in slightly different places (cause that's what I always do), when I stumbled on this arrangement for the mantle.  I stood back and looked and knew it was a comforting misplacement!  Worth moving furniture and bric-a-brac!

The greenery makes me feel like Spring can't be far away!

Yes, that silver "candle holder" is a wine bottle holder!

Thanks for reading, especially after such a long absence...



  1. Pretty! The silver wine holder was a great idea.

  2. Looks excellent. Glad to know you are well. Blog when you feel you careto and can, that's being true to oneself to be sure.

    Love your greens, and the rabbit painting is awesome for spring right around the corner!

  3. Michele, thanks for your support. I will pass along the kindness you have shown to me.

  4. Very pretty....love the topiaries!!!!


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