Sunday, September 04, 2011

Cheap Chic Pumpkins

Just a quick post to let you know about some cute pumpkins I've spotted and some cute ideas for using them.  First is the higher priced Pottery Barn rattan pumpkins pictured here, they retail for $19.00 plus $6.00 for shipping.  A whopping $25.00, and that is for the smallest one!  I do love Pottery Barn and shop there when appropriate, see this post for proof (the sea fan is Pottery Barn's), but when identical items are available for side-by-side comparisons, I find it silly to pay more.  Don't you?

Pottery Barn image

Pottery Barn image

And here is Target's version for $12.00 for the exact same size!  Both Pottery Barn ($29.00 plus $8.00 shipping) and Target ($19.00) have the larger size available too.

 Target image

To view Pottery Barn's offering of these look here and to see Target's pumpkin, look here.

Kind of a different post for me, but I thought it was my duty, as a thrifty blogger, to tell you.  Enjoy your Labor(free) Day and thanks for looking at my blog.  Happy fall decorating, or not, Robin

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  1. Hmm....I'll have to keep my eyes open at some garage sales in the near future! :o)


  2. I'm going to be hitting up Targets for sure ! Thanks for the heads up!


  3. Beautiful vignettes though...I don't have any around here, no Pottery Barn, nor Target, so maybe I'll have it made for probably, $3 each. Thanks for sharing this great idea. Hugs, FABBY

  4. Pottery Barn is a great place for decorating inspiration, but I have never spent a dime there because it is so expensive! I agree with you!

  5. I love Pottery Barn too, I look at their decor and then go to TJ Maxx! Love the pumpkins, puts me in the mood for Fall decorating!

  6. Hi lovely lady.
    I love the way you have put your fall decorating all together. I also need to keep my eyes open on garage sales now. In Oct we are having 600 home's in are community have a one day Garage Sale. We have this one time a year... You have a lovely blog have fun with it.Im your newest follower on your blog now. I hope you come over to my Tablescapes and join me also.
    XXOO Diane

  7. I love a bargain, but I love making my own version for cheap, cuz I am broke! There are a couple of tutes in blogland for making pumpkins like these out of strips of rolled scrapbook paper glued to a middle stem.

  8. I love Pottery Barn for inspiration but Target is definitely where I'll be buying my fall decor this year!

  9. Love this ... we don't have a Target or Pottery Barn, but will check the Thrifts. Thanks for the information. I think Dollar General had these lighted grapevine pumpkins last year. So much fun to decorate for Fall.
    Audrey Z.


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