Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Upcycle

I think these are beautiful botanicals and I've had them for a while.  I love botanical prints and think they are timeless, but not immune from me wanting a change.  They were part of a calendar my dear daughter bought me in Chicago and it was with some regret that I changed them....but a girl must move on sometimes and so I have. 

Out came the pictures and they are safely tucked away for another adventure in decorating in the future.  The frames I reused and sprayed the backing with that wonderful Elmer's spray fixative I mentioned here.  I then added the fabric that was leftover from another project--cost $0 and my ego is healed from my wastefulness.  The shells were ones I had around the house--yes, I bought them, but when and where, I do not remember, so the cost must be $0 by now, according to my logic!  Can you relate? 

I did have some trouble figuring the layout for the wall.  It looks like a "duh" moment now, but I played with the layout with some cutouts I did from ugly wrapping paper.  Here's what that looked like as I was frustrated getting it down pat.

And here is the final result. I used E-6000 glue(?) to mount the shells.

Here's a close-up shot of a few individual pictures(?).

These shells were a gift from my dear sister.  Thanks sis.

This was a fun, easy project and the whole wall cost $26 because I reused the frames and the leftover fabric from another project.

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  1. The botanicals look great and so do the shells. Botanical prints and shells are two things I love. You did a great job of arranging everything. Very nice.

  2. OMG you even like seashells. Every pic I see of your world reminds me of something in mine, this is getting scary, haha. Really. You wouldn't believe the similarities. Except yours is much nicer, believe me.


    Gorgeous post.

  3. I am so bummed. Reading this post I just realized I threw out last year's calender....and I had been anticipating using the amazing art in it all year once 2011 was over. And I threw it away in last weeks trash.

    I am seriously kicking myself right now, that was about stupid. UGH. I am too upset!


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