Friday, September 02, 2011

Happy Labor(free) Day

Just a note to wish you all a safe and happy Labor(free) Day!  We may be lucky enough to have the whole family around at various times, but never all at once, this weekend and we'll see friends too.  I'm looking forward to seeing so many people this weekend and hope you have a peaceful, fulfilling weekend.  Thought I'd better post my last summer pictures before I turn my full attention to fall decor, although if you read this blog regularly, you know I've already done a fall blog post here.

This would be a wonderful place to celebrate the holiday...maybe coffee and a pastry with friends and family.

Wouldn't mind looking at this as I enjoy my coffee.  I tried to grow one in Kansas, but this is a Florida plant and it said, loudly, NO WAY!  Oh well, I tried...

This is my favorite.  Wouldn't you love to come to dinner?  Maybe I would do crabcakes and key lime pie, just maybe...

Hope you have time to daydream this weekend.  Thanks for reading and dreaming with me.  Robin

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