Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Just about the time you think, "She's never going to write another blog post," I write another one just to keep stringing you along...sorry!  It's just that since I began blogging, so much has changed in the blogging world and mine.  So...I'll probably be the most irregular blogger on the planet from now on...just so you know.  I am grateful to anyone who comes for a visit!

Well, enough blah,blah,blah.  The reason for posting is Valentine’s Day !   Yeah!  I have a new heart to share with you (and for newcomers, you can see some of my others by clicking here and here)

And yes, it was filled with my favorite chocolates!  It is very different from past years, more retro with embroidery.  The fabric flowers are more traditional, but with little crochet centers.  It's always a delight to open the box and see the design for the year.

And for some more eye candy, here's a bit moreValentine’s Day  fun around the house...

  I always meant to put a pretty red bow on that command hook, but........didn't.  Oops!

 A funny side note--I went to buy a new Valentine card for my sweetie and accidentally bought the one I gave him last year AGAIN!   I must really like that card!

Happy, happy Valentine’s Day!
and thanks for sticking with me or joining me for the first time!
I love you all!



  1. Beautiful, Robin, as always! I so enjoy your blog! Keep it up.

  2. Beautiful, Robin, as always! I so enjoy your blog! Keep it up.

  3. Thanks Carol. I needed the encouragement!


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