Thursday, June 18, 2015


I hope you didn't think I'd forgotten or abandoned this little blog.  I didn' got a little complicated beginning in early December.  I got a severe lung infection that left me with three broken ribs.  I got better for a bit, then, BAM, I got another lung infection that collapsed a lobe of my lung.  Getting better and praying that viruses stay at bay.  During all of my problems, wonderful news came too.  Our daughter got engaged and is getting married this Saturday!  Then, our son got accepted into Vanderbilt's MBA program an is moving to Nashville in a month!  Good news on some major life events!

So, now I'm back to blogging.  Needless to say, the projects have been limited.  BUT our latest housing addition is a new deck to replace our rotting 23 year old deck.  Our new and improved version is in process.  So I'll just share the demolition for now...

 This is the framework of the old deck looking out my kitchen.

 This was the framework of the old deck out the living room window.

 And this is the the view from the yard with the walkout basement showing.

The new deck will have a roof and a louvered partial wall on one side for some privacy.  The side-load stairs will be moved and a beadboard ceiling with a fan will be added.  The dirt work and concrete work are underway now.  Can't wait to sit in the shade of my deck in the mornings and drink hot tea...hopefully soon.

Now, because you know I like to show you a tip or two, I thought I'd share an inexpensive pillow I bought and changed...

This is a $17 pillow cover I picked up at Target.
It matched my decor, but had no "pop".

A friend suggested I color it with a sharpie!
I did and now it "pops".

Thanks for sticking with me through my absence and checking to see it I'd come back.  I appreciate it so much!  Thanks for reading...



  1. Welcome back! It's so nice to see you back! Your new deck is going to be awesome!

    I like the idea of your pillow "fix!"

    My husband and I had Whooping Cough for months last year and he broke ribs coughing, too. OUCH.

    Good health to you!

    1. Hope your hubby is mended and all is well with your family. The deck is going slowly.....but then maybe I'm just excited!

  2. Glad to see you back and love to read your blog. I'll wait with anticipation about the new deck! What a change in your life with your two children. But change is good! I wish the best for both of them. Carol Lindberg

    1. Carol you are probably my most faithful reader and I APPRECIATE you!

  3. Welcome back Robin!! Congratulations on your new son in law! I know Allie was the most beautiful bride there ever was. I saw Chris with Cody last week and WOW is he handsome! Good luck to him as he begins a new chapter in his life. Take care and I look forward to pictures of the finished deck. I'm so glad you are better. Vickie

    1. Good to hear from you Vickie! Thanks for the good wishes and I return them to you too!


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