Wednesday, October 29, 2014


A long, long time ago, in a far, far away place, a woman dreamed of updating a kitchen.  Friends and family questioned her decision, but it was a dream whose time had come...

The woman dreamed of a white kitchen...
The dream originated from a childhood memory of her mother's white kitchen and so she set about putting her plan into action.  So, in April, 2014, the woman made a phone call and got her first bid.  But the bidders did not hold the woman's ideas in high regard and so she moved on to the second contractor.  This bid was much too high (even though he'd been given her budget at the first meeting) and he suggested she cut some of her dream out of her kitchen design.  Being a compliant woman, she obliged and the contractor must have thought the woman a fool because his second bid was still too high and he got very angry with the woman and told her mean things to bring her into compliance with his offer.  This hurt the woman's feelings, but she said nothing to the mean contractor and moved on wondering if her dream was too big and feeling sad.  Finally, the woman had a thought--she would be her own agent and she would contract the project herself.  It made perfect sense and her dream would come true.

Now, there is a WHOLE LOT more to this story, but it is time to see what the woman dreamed of (and the story will continue next week...stay tuned).

Here is the kitchen the woman wished to change...

And, here is her dream realized after 13 weeks of babysitting her contractors...

There is still a bit of work the woman must do for the dream to be complete, but the woman did not want her faithful readers to have to wait any longer to see some progress.
The woman's heart now sings when she enters her home   and she is so very, very glad she listened to her own heart (because most of the contractors did not want to do what she wanted--they were a wiry bunch--and tried to talk her out of her dream at every step).  

The woman is tired now and will tell more of the story (and show lots of pretty pictures too) in Part Deux next week.  She hopes you will return again and she'll share details and tips to help you find your dream too (and save some money)!


  1. The woman did well to stay true to her dreams.

    I love a happy ending to a beautiful (kitchen) story!! Well done!

    1. Thanks Michele. More details to follow...

  2. Hallelujah!! Robin you persevered (sp?) and I am so happy for you. Go girl!

    1. Thanks Carol, my most faithful reader!

  3. Fabulous! Brighter and double the storage! Winner!


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