Tuesday, July 22, 2014

HOUSE TOUR TUESDAY: Kitchen Redo, Part 2

The ugly side of redoing something in a house is...the process of getting to the pretty part.  The hard part of getting to the pretty part is living in the mess.  aaaarrrggghhhh!  

And, so, it has begun...the kitchen countertops and backsplash were removed yesterday morning.  (Part I is here)  This is what my kitchen currently looks like...

Anyone want some dust?  It is everywhere!

Stuff is everywhere...

The last time I had countertops replaced, I didn't remove anything from the bottom cabinets.  YUCK!  Lesson learned.  Yesterday I emptied everything below the countertops and pulled all of the draws out and stored them in another room.  The good news is today the countertops will be delivered and installed.  Yeah!!!!

Notice the backsplash is gone...uh, yeah, I didn't plan on replacing it when this project started percolating in my head and I work needlessly trying to coordinate the new items with the old backsplash.   Bad idea.  Very bad idea!  I could have saved myself countless hours at the beginning if I would have just let go of the backsplash.  It really wasn't until last week that I knew the backsplash needed to go and I've been working on this project for 3-1/2 months!  Then I was overwhelmed that I needed to choose something so major for this project.  I've made a decision and I'm really happy I'm changing it now.  LESSON:  If you change your countertop, change your backsplash too.

When the countertops were removed yesterday (and the old ones went to a wonderful home, and not in the landfill,  so I don't feel so guilty for wanting new ones), I didn't realize that part of the very first countertop this house had is still here.  Would you like to see what I moved into 20 years ago?

Let me describe this to you...it is mauve Formica and it was everywhere in this kitchen along with kitchen carpet featuring a mauve flower trellis pattern.  Trying to make the best of these elements, I hung mauve plaid wallpaper.  Okay, remember, it was 20 years ago!

So, tomorrow, new Ceasarstone quartz countertops in Frosty Carinna will be installed and the backsplash will come a little later.  I hope I love those new countertops--the rest of the kitchen is based on them!

And because I don't like to end a post with an ugly picture and because you've read down (or looked at ugly pictures) this far, here's a picture of the countertop slab...

Ceasarstone Frosty Carinna

1" White Marble Hexagon Mosaic Tile

Till next time, thanks for stopping by...(wish me luck) 


  1. So happy for you! Can't wait to see your finished kitchen. I LOVE the back splash tile you have chosen.

  2. Robin,
    I love the countertop and tile you've chosen for your kitchen remodel - can't wait to see the end result!!!

    1. Thank you so much for your vote of confidence. I know your blog and follow through email, so I know your credentials speak volumes! Thanks.

  3. Robin,
    Your new countertops are going to be gorgeous, dear one!
    Hang in there. . .the worst is almost over. . .
    that is, until you begin to clean up all the dust!!! (wink!)
    I recently had ceramic tiles laid in the Entry Hall. . .
    took several attempts to get all the dust from the original
    tiles that had been grouted with BLACK. . .what a mess.
    Here's a quick tip. . .replace you filter in your furnace/AC once you've finished.
    I'll be watching for futher progress!!!
    Visiting from Susan's MM.

    1. You definitely know what I am going through on my way to my dream kitchen. Great advice to change the furnace/AC filter.

  4. Love your countertop selection. It's what I want, so I will be watching to see how it all looks when installed. It all is going to be beautiful. I am your newest follower. ( but I am on a blogging break myself)


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