Wednesday, November 13, 2013


 I wanted to share a couple of paintings I recently did for a craft show at my church.

This one is an original idea.  I had painted only the pumpkin and it sat that way for about a month.  I wanted to add something to the left side but just couldn't commit!  Then, with a little pressure, because the church sale was looming, I decided on the butternut squash--it was in my fridge and I used it for inspiration.  Most people in my family thought I'd ruined the painting by added the butternut, but I didn't think most potential buyers would be too inclined to purchase my lopsided pumpkin painting!  Turns out, my sister came to the sale to buy my painting!  Thanks sis! 

This little man was inspired by a painting I saw on Pinterest.  It is not an exactly copy, I hand-drew him and changed his proportions to suit the canvas.  He was a blast to paint and watch his little face come to life.  He was raffled at the craft show.  I am doing another one for a dear friend as her Christmas present (she asked for him) and will be excited to see how the new one turns out too!

A little background, for those interested...
About 28 years ago, I took some painting classes and I continued to paint for a couple of years.  Then, like a lot of hobbies, the paints and brushes went to the closet.  About a year ago, I began painting baby gifts and my desire to paint blossomed once again.  Now all I want to do is paint--just ask my husband who had to swept up the dust bunnies from under the couch!   The funny thing is I wouldn't want either of these paintings in my own home--too much color for me!  Crazy lady, I know.

And because this blog post is short on pictures, I thought I'd share a little bit of Christmas that is starting to creep out (it is a very short season this year)...

Thanks for reading and thank you especially for all of the wonderful comments left on last week's post--you make my day!



  1. You are very talented. I like both of your paintings.

  2. Love both your paintings, but I especially like the Santa face. Your friend is so lucky!!!

  3. Wonderful! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  4. What fun paintings. I too have a neutral home, but appreciate color in others homes. You are very talented! Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays.

  5. Santa is gorgeous! I used to paint years ago too...I loved it! I too packed the brushes away, but maybe it's time to drag them out again! Thanks for the reminder of what fun it could be!

  6. You are so talented and you were right to start painting again. I love both of these especially the Santa who is so cute! I also wantd to pop over to say thank you for the lovely comment on my blog!

  7. Wonderful paintings. I like the added squash.
    I buy the supplies but intimidate myself to really give painting a good try.
    I know I can always paint over it!


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