Tuesday, November 26, 2013


We had some errands to run on Saturday that took us to an unexpected stop along the way--to the Poinsettia Wonderland, known locally as Dutch's Nursery.  This is our favorite nursery for many reasons, but last Saturday's discovery was unexpected AAAWWWEEE followed by GASP!

We walked in to the main nursery area to be greeted by thousands of brilliant poinsettias in a rainbow of colors...

It was just a breathe-taking moment of just extreme gratitude for the rare privilege of seeing such beauty.  It was almost overwhelming, but my eyes and brain just wanted to drink-in and devour it so that the memory would last!

Here is just some of that beauty I wanted to share with you...no narration necessary from me--

As always, thanks for the visit.  Hope you experienced a little "awe" moment.  Come back next time and share some calm moments of the holiday season!

Happy Thanksgiving



  1. They are beautiful! Puts me in the Christmas spirit!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  2. oh I just love those, are those called "candy cane" variety? so pretty!!! good to see you over here at Be Inspired!

  3. What a beautiful profusion of poinsettias! I never, ever decorated with poinsettias before I met my husband, but when we do decorate for Christmas (and we don't every year because it's just the two of us), he always insists on them, and I've grown to enjoy them immensely also.


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