Friday, September 13, 2013


The Fall decorating bug came to Highpoint Circle last week and I couldn't be happier with the results.  I walk through the house with a little more energy once I've changed things up a bit and I even clean a little better to put out fresh accessories.  I just wish the weather would get the message and send a little "sweater weather" our way.   

Here are a few of my vignettes...

The Harvest Queen, of course!

A bowl full of's really a wreath of pumpkins set in a woven bowl with a fat pumpkin plopped on top.  Ssshhh, don't tell my secret.

Acorns, leaves and more pumpkins...are you catching on to the pumpkin theme?

Just couldn't put away this delightful starfish!

I was loving the orange so much, I bought a new pillow to continue the trend.
Makes me smile.

 And finally, a Fall lantern.

I just realized I forgot to watermark my photos for this post so I'll trust you not to use them as your own without giving me credit for them, please!  Thanks for the visit.  Hope you enjoyed your stay.


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  1. I agree, Fall decorating just puts a spring in my step! love that lantern full of Fall goodies!

  2. LOVE IT! I'm now in the mood to start decorating for fall myself. Thank you!!

  3. Robin, Love your fall décor and the pillow gives you that perfect little punch. I am hoping the mood hits me soon... but, like you the weather has to change a bit... have a great rest of the weekend.... Cathy

  4. Oh, I love your fall decor! I live in Colorado, and we have "sweater weather" fact, I'm wearing a jacket right now :) Love your starfish...I'm a beach bum, born and raised in Colorado...go figure! I hopped over from Homemaker On A Dime :)

  5. Love the touches you did...and those large acorns on the sofa table....totaling drooling over those!!

  6. Wow! You have such a beautiful home! I love the pillows you are using on your sofa...the one with the orange is gorgeous! Love the Harvest Queen, too, and the starfish! You've really put me in the mood to decorate! Hugs!

  7. Beautiful! I especially like the lantern with the silver! ~Zuni

  8. Beautiful! I especially like the lantern with the silver! ~Zuni

  9. OH! I love those acorns! I was trying to find white acorns! Thank you so much for inspiring me today!

    Happy day!

  10. I am in love with your new orange/white pillow. Would love to have one like it. Do you share where it was purchased? Many thanks.

    1. I bought it at K-Lanes in Wichita, Kansas. Glad I could share it with you!


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