Monday, October 14, 2013


This one of those many times when I wished I'd taken the picture of THE ROYAL when I first spotted her.  It just took me by such surprise to find her in a barn in Marion, Kansas, of all places.  And, she was covered with dust!  Would you have thought a ROYAL  would be in that shape?  I was in shock, horrified even.   But then I dared to pick her up!  Yes, I picked up a ROYAL and didn't even curtsy before taking a look!  Call the etiquette police NOW!

Here's how she looked when I dusted off her luggage...

Not to bad for a ROYAL lady from 1941, huh?

Now keep in mind that I've cleaned all of the barn gook off so I could show her to you in ROYAL form.  She was very dirty and I would guess she'd sat in that barn a very long time--she begged to come home with me.

 I knew a ROYAL adoption was in order, if I could afford to pay the barn owner's ransom.  Bracing for an arduous confrontation (and a little bickering, if necessary) I was surprised that he was willing to let her go and knew she would be happy to go to the lady with the kind and gentle eyes--ME!

This is a key I had not seen before and I found a copy of the original manual online.  Here is how it was explained...

"Either shift key puts into effect Shift Freedom, an original Royal feature which eliminates noise and eyestrain of a bobbing carriage by lowering the type for capital letters instead of raising the carriage."

Don't you just love it! 

Now, for those of you wanting even more of the story, additional reading revealed that this was Ernest Hemingway's favorite typewriter (also Marlon Brando and Katherine Hepburn).  Now I was in Key West a while back and toured the Hemingway house.  I wondered if I might have a picture of Mr. Hemingway's office with the typewriter and VOILA!  Sometimes I just surprise myself, honestly!

 I also found a twin to my ROYAL and the asking price was $595!!!!!   You can see it here.  GULP!  I hope those of you that read this blog know me well enough to also know that I didn't pay 10% of that price for mine!

Thanks for stopping by and meeting the newest addition to our household.  Right now she's sitting on my kitchen hearth and I'm enjoying seeing her all day long and wondering what stories she has typed--oooohhhh the possibilities.


  1. I think it's fabulous, and I liked seeing the history of the Shift Freedom key, very cool. I hope you'll share this with my readers at my We Call It Olde Link-Up, a new party started this morning and goes til Saturday. Join us! -Dawn @ We Call It

  2. Oh I had one of those and I typed a million miles on it. What a fabulous treasure. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  3. My grandmother gave me hers when I was in high school to practice for my typing class. I loved her and wish I still had her. Both my grandmother and the typewriter! :>))

  4. What a great find! I'm a new follower and I found you through Jennifer Rizzo's Link Party.

  5. I just wanted to come back over to say thank you so much for sharing this at my We Call It Olde Link-Up. Another party starts on Tuesday, hope to see you there again. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

  6. Ooooh! Fantastic! Don't you just love a barn sale? If ever I see those lovely "barn sale" signs - I immediately follow them. Lucky you to find such a beauty! I always wondered what Shift Freedom meant. Thanks for explaining that. Cheers, Catherine (newest follower of your blogging adventures!) : )


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