Friday, December 28, 2012


I was perusing other people's blogs and noticed that maybe I should write a post about 2012--not that I'm a follower, (just ask my sister) but to see what I did that sparked people's interest in my little blog.  I have to say, I'm very glad I took the time to see what my top five blog posts were, according to how many people looked at them.  Here are those posts.

Number 1 
The most-viewed post was from February 28 (click here).  1,684 people choose to take a look.  THANK YOU ALL!  It was simply titled, The Entry.

It was fun for me to look back and see that I'd painted the bombay chest (see it here) and replaced the carpet on the stairs.  Progress!

Number 2 
This post was from March 13 (click here), The Piano Room, with 1,153 viewers.

The only change to this room came from a very thorough cleaning of the scones beside the mirror on the back wall--I broke one of them!  No more cleaning of those!  They've been replaced with small lanterns.  Not sure if that is progress or backtracking.

Number 3 
From January 9, with 1,137 viewers, is Carol's Cottage Place.

There's no improving her space at a local antique mall.  She knows what she's doing and does it well!  Go Carol!

Number 4 
From February 21, with 1,109 viewers, was The Living Room (click here).


This room is, without a doubt, the hardest room to photograph in my house.  It has fantastic light from that huge window, but my photography skills are sorely lacking and it drives me a little batty when I try to photograph anything in here, including Christmas morning pictures!

I was happy to notice that I'd painted lamps for this room and the huge mirror that hangs on the south wall.  Yeah!

Number 5
With 1,076 viewers, from September 3, was Love/Hate Before & Afters (click here).

It was the painting of the bombay chest that I referenced in the #1 most-viewed post above.

Nice of you to stop by and it was great for me to see that I'd accomplished a few of my goals and added some that I didn't even know I wanted to accomplish when 2012 began.  What will 2013 bring in the way of blog posts?  Well, of course, I have a few ideas, but I hope to again be surprised by new ideas coming as I walk through the year.  

I wish you a very happy new year, but most of all I pray for peace for our troubled world.


  1. W0W you have a lot of people viewing your blog. I always wonder how people get so many visitors at their blogs.
    Your home is beautiful!!

  2. Your home is beautiful! All the work you have done really shows in every room and the projects you have accomplished! I'm following along, I'll be happy to spend 2013 with your blog! Happy New Year!

  3. Hey Robin, I vote for that fabulous Bombay chest. just gorgeous painted out!! Hope you have a great week!!

  4. Everything is beautiful! Look forward to more wonderful inspiration from you in 2013! ...blessings for the New Year!

  5. Robin, what a pleasant surprise to find that over 1,100 viewers saw your lovely blog when you showed my shop photos almost a year ago! Again, thanks so much, as I'm sure some of them have become my customers.

    I want to add, that now I am looking forward to moving my shop, Carol's Cottage Place to Paramount Antique Mall on West Kellogg Hwy 54, on February 1st, 2013. My business has grown immensely and I owe a lot of thanks to you for it!

    Carol Linberg Carol's Cottage Place

  6. Beautiful!! I love all of those inspirations and your gorgeous rooms!!! Thanks for joining Feathered Nest Friday!!


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