Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Shopping At My Sister's House

My sister and I decided to go to some estate sales last Thursday afternoon, when all the really great stuff is already gone, and see what was leftover.  She bought a darling Princess House container for $2 that had the worst selection of junk in it that I've seen in quite a while, all the while the lady selling it kept saying, "okie dokie, okie dokie" so much that I wanted to say something in return that I shouldn't have.  Thank goodness I was on my good behavior and acted nicely until I got to the car and my sister and I cracked ourselves up saying "okie dokie" the rest of the day.  Not nice, I know, but sometimes I'm not and I apologize now.  I just wished that I had photographed the various items in this container before my sister threw them out.  I am going to have to remember to share this stuff with you all with pictures instead of words.  Oh well, live and learn, right? 

Well, I totally digress from the intent of this post and that is to tell you all that as we were estate saling, I was contemplating a little footstool that I would have had to repaint and recover when my sis says, "What size do you really want in a footstool?  You know I have an oval one of Mom's that I'm not using--would you like to see it?"  Well, I was all over it!  My Mom's footstool, are you kidding?  I love stuff with a story and this is a story I know all too well, so off we go to my sister's garage sale closet (the closet she stores stuff for our next sale in) and voila, Mom's footstool with a cover that sis had put on with a million staples that I am going to have to pull out.  I was delighted to have something of Mom's and something that my sister had used too--the story just got better with each household this little stool graced and now, it was going to be mine for a while. 

So here it is in it's most recent reincarnation.  Can you see all of those staples?  A bizzillion, at least.    Doesn't quite go with my white interiors, huh?  And, I'm really not into ducks either!  BUT,  I do love the wood detailing and I don't have to paint it--just recover it.  I'll have to see what fabric I fall in love with (I love, love fabrics).  Mom would just love this too, but I'm sure she knows! 

The reinvented footstool will be another post, didn't you know that was coming.  Hey, I'm catching on to this blogging idea!  Hope you're enjoying it with me.   I also wanted to give a shout out to Suzanne, my newest follower--welcome to my craziness.  As always, thanks for reading, Robin

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  1. LOL...okie dokie! I'm cracking up reading your story. It looks like you came out of that real well, though, with such a pretty footstool.


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