Sunday, June 05, 2011

Bargains or Trash--You Decide

I love a bargain.  Most people do, but I really get a kick out of a bargain.  There's just a rush of endorphins that is like no other when I get a bargain.  Can you relate?

This past week, my sister and I hosted our third annual June garage sale.  It may be the last one for a while because most of our major home renovations are done.  My husband thinks I will never be done, but we do agree that the big ones are over for a bit.  Well, as usual, I digress...surprise!

When Sis and I get our stuff out on the tables the night before the sale, we get to swap with each other first.  We do this throughout the year too, just look at my last post.  This year, I came away with this little charmer.

It's a delightful little paper weight that I oogled for the entire sale before telling her I liked it.  And, as usual, she said, "I love it that you want that!"  Isn't that the sweetest thing someone can say when you're asking for a handout?  My first wedding ring was a butterfly with a diamond on it's back, so butterflies are special in this household.  Same husband as the butterfly ring, but a different ring now--just to clarify!

Here are a couple of other surprises I found at garage sales and a resale shop.  One is a real plant, the other is artificial.  Can you guess which is the fake? 

This is the real one.  I thought it was fake and was ready to buy it for $3 when the lady told me the story behind it and how to take care of it still not sure I'm doing the greatest job with it.  If love can make this plant survive, it's got it.  I think this is about the cutest plant ever don't tell my other plants I'm partial.  Anyway, the lady that sold it to me said that these were on all the tables at a wedding--adorable idea.

This is the fake planting.  Doesn't it look so real?  It does in real life too.  Look at those little fake roots!  and the fake dirt too! 

As always, thanks for stopping by.  Don't know why, but I love writing and it is nice to know someone wants to read it.  Till next time.  Robin

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  1. Definitely treasure! The plants are so pretty and the paperweight is beautiful. I really enjoyed reading your blog. Design is so inspiring to me too and I love to see what others are inspired by! i also like that your first wedding ring was a butterfly unique and romantic! Thanks for sharing!

    -Megan Pinkerton Miller

    Ummmmm why am I not surprised that you have flawless taste?


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