Monday, June 20, 2011

A Little Late But From My Heart

A belated Happy Father's Day to all.  I hope the warmth of your celebration is gracing your day today too.   Our day was blessed by getting to share a evening meal with my father-in-law, Bill, who is 91 years old, as well as my sister and her hubby and our son.  It was a wonderful time of celebrating three wonderful fathers gathered around our table and reminising about my own dear dad, pictured above.

My dad was a quiet man, but when he spoke it was either funny most of the time or profound.  I always admired Dad's quietness--it is a characterist I do not share.  I always wondered if he was just absorbing the lively conversations going on around him--they were always lively in our home--or if he was pondering something more important in life.  I tend to think it was the latter.

Dad loved to have me over to breakfast after his retirement and frequently fixed biscuits, from a can, eggs, ham  and redeye gravy.  Now if you've never tasted redeye gravy, it might be an aquired taste, but I grew up loving it.  It is simply frying ham in a skillet, removing the ham, scrapping the bits leftover and pouring cold coffee in the pan and bringing to a boil.  It is served poured over the biscuits.  It is comfort food and one of my favorite memories of Dad.  He's been gone since April 25, 2001 and I still miss him everyday, but especially today.  Yet, I have to say, I know how very blessed I was to call him my Dad.

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