Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nature Comes to Visit

Nature, ain't it grand.  I just love the feeling of nature trusting me. An unexpected visit from a friend is always soul-touching and when it is a nature-friend it adds an unexpected dimension.  Do you feel the same way? 

Meet Tank.  He came to visit us Monday evening as we were eating dinner.  We looked out the kitchen window and here he came bouncing and expecting to find loving folks.  My husband was not in the mood for his visit and tried to shoo him away, but Tank would have nothing to do with that.  He thought my husband wanted to play, so it drew him closer.  About that time, I saw what was happening and suggested that if my husband really wanted to get rid of the little guy but was hoping he wouldn't he should squirt him with the hose on the Tank got a bath.  Tank just ran up the stairs and laid down for hubby to  pat his belly!  He was just a little "Tank" of love coming to say hello to a couple who just lost their own dog a few weeks ago.  I loved his visit and took him treats and water, after calling the number on his tag so his owner could come claim him.  When the owner came, Tank wanted to stay a while longer--felt like a little extra love that day.  What a blessing!  Made my day.

I'm not sure who this little guy was--it was one of his first days to fly and that is serious business for a feathered creature.  We enjoyed watching all of his or her attempts, but didn't enjoy the presents left behind on the deck furniture.  I made hubby sit on that chair!   Oh, well, back to the bird.  We have a screen-in walkout in our basement.  One of the things in this space is an old wooden porch swing from another life.  Hubby has it suspended and it is basically just stored right under the upper deck.  This little bird's mother thought of a way to get in the screened-in walkout and build her nest--as a mother myself, I thought this was terribly clever.  This space was sheltered from wind, rain, and preditors.  It was a joyful surprise to all of us when hubby discovered her and the babies.  Last year a robin built a nest right outside our kitchen window and we got such a treat watching the eggs and the babies.  Just felt like a gift of nature to allow us such closeness.  What a wonderful feeling.

UPDATE:  I've been busy working on some projects and cannot wait to show them to you, but sometimes I just have trouble deciding when.  Next week should have some reveals coming.  Inspiration hit and I took advantage of it. 

I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend.  I hope you have unexpected visits that warm your soul.  Blessings to you all and thanks for reading.

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