Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Friday the 13th

I was blog hopping, as I am prone to do, and noticed another blog about this day and decided, unabashedly, to copy the idea.  Just so you know how honest I am, I admit this to you, the coping another's ideas that is.

So, in honor of the mystery around a Friday the 13th in any month of the calendar, I thought I'd do a post of the black doors of Highpoint Circle--my black doors that is.  I wonder what would happen if I did a poll of my neighbors and asked about any black doors they might have.  The little men in white coats might be knocking at my door pretty quickly, don't you think?  I do know of at least a couple of my neighbors who do actually have black front doors.

Here are a couple of the doors in our house that sport black doors.

This first one is one-half of a french door set that was removed when we redid the master bedroom and bath.  You can search the blog for that reveal if you need to refresh your memory or view it for the first time.  I love reusing items when I remodel one area and so, I painted the wood-stained door black and distressed it so that the antique door in the next picture would coordinate a little bit with it.  They are across a tiny hall from each other and needed to look planned.   I am happy with it, but I tried to obscure the glass with a paper product (because this is a bathroom!) that would make the glass look frosted and it's not working out so well:(  There is a vent, literally, right under this door when it is opened and it has dried out the adhesive rather quickly.  I am in the process of correcting this problem with a different solution and will show you the outcome in a few weeks.  Meanwhile, here is the door in its current state.  If you look closely at the glass you can see the problem I mentioned.

Here is the antique door that is across a hall from the last picture.  It is on a laundry room.  It has beautiful detailing on it, as shown in the next picture.  The glass is original and looks a little bit like lace.  We were looking for a door for this room to add a little architectural interest to this boring hall and found this door that was an exact measurement of the old plain hollow-core door.  We my husband with my directing, of course only had to raise the striker and the hinges a bit to make it work.  I love it because, as I always write, I love that it has a story and another life with other people.

Here is some of the detailing on the antique door.

On the bottom of the door, which I could not get a presentable picture of, it is paneled.

The last picture of this group is my kitchen island.  I thought I should include it only because it is black and doors too.  I painted it several years ago and it was a burger to paint.  I sometimes think about painting my kitchen cabinets myself and only have to remember doing the island and I come out of that coma pretty quickly.  I am glad I did it and I am glad I did not know how much time and belly time painting the bottom of it near the floor it would take.  Maybe that last sentence tells you why I included this picture too.

Finally, I will show you one of my front doors.  I have double doors on the front of the house, but they do not photograph well couldn't be my skills as a photographer could it? .   It also needs to be repainted.  This blog definitely keeps my projects in order.  Thanks for reading again and I hope you enjoy your Friday the 13th.

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