Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Farewell to a Friend

These are the words one hates to write most but knows they will be put to paper anyway.  To let a loved one pass without a fond farewell does no one any good.  The feelings must come out and so, this is the spot where it will happen.  I am sorry if this offends any of my readers, please bear with me or quit reading now and I'll be back to happier posts next time.  I have definitely put off posting this week because of several major events happening on Highpoint has been a difficult week and it is only Wednesday when I wrote this.

The farewell comes to one of the greatest friends our family has ever known.  He seemed like such a part of our family and, indeed, we felt that we had adopted him into our close-knit family unit.  When he came, we were no longer a household of four, we instantly were a household of five and he took our last name as his own legally.

I thought he would join our family as someone the kids could turn to when life was battering them around (at least in their own minds), and, hopefully, that did happen.   The kids thought it was fun to teach the little one tricks and he was a fast learner.  He would sit until told he could get up, he would leave his treats until he was told he could eat them, even stopping midway when given the order.  And for a treat, he would walk across a slippery wooden floor on his hind legs.   Most of all, he loved each of us in anyway we would let him.

I was the one the little guy turned to when he felt hungry, afraid, lonely, sick or needed to potty.  I was the one he followed everywhere he could, even learning to open bathroom doors so he could enjoy one-on-one time with me.  He was usually the first one I saw from the family each morning and was always waiting at the front window or the garage door when I returned home.  He was our family dog, Tucker. 

We are now dogless and learning to live like we did before we knew him.  He had a good life and the vet assured us that it was the end and in Tucker's best interest to go to sleep.  It was still one of the hardest decisions I've made in a very long time.  Rest in peace and love Tucker.  Robin

Baby Tucker at 8 weeks.  He weighed 2 pounds


  1. OH Tucker was a sweetie....I am so sorry that he has passed from your life. I hope you can enjoy the memories of him.

  2. Tucker did have that adorable look! At the beginning of your narrative, I was expecting him to be a big dog. But when I saw his pics, he reminded me of my cocker spaniel, Niko. Did you get a new pooch since?


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