Friday, May 06, 2011


Happy Mother's Day to All!  Whether we are mothers or daughters or sisters or brothers, we all had a mother.  Mine was wonderful and so was my father.  Aren't they just the cutest in this picture? 

I had a great childhood, even though money was usually tight.  Mom was an amazing seamstress and could knit, crochet, and embroider.  Anything else that could be done with a needle, she mastered it.  She was self-taught and known for her skills.  She sewed for her mother, my twin aunts, the pastor's wife, my sister, myself, my dad--she made him suits and ties, and numerous friends.  She did all of this while working fulltime as an accountant. 

She made most of my sweaters growing up and when I outgrew them, she ripped out all of her hard work and knitted them again in a larger size.  She once crocheted me a beautiful red dress, which I still have, and made a matching satin slip to wear underneath.  My nineth grade alegebra teacher probably passed me in that class because of that dress--she loved it each time I wore it and marveled at Mom's abilities.   When it was time for my wedding dress, Mom, Sis and I went to the bridal shop for me to try on dresses.  When I found the one I wanted, I could not bear to buy it because I wanted Mom to make my dress.  She was shocked that I would want her to make my wedding dress instead of buying it.  We went to the fabric store and bought everything and Mom made the pattern for the dress out of newspaper.  I simply could not imagine wearing a wedding dress that Mom didn't make.  We always laughed that we could have purchased the dress cheaper than it cost to make it.  In her later years, she sewed projects for the Mennonite Relief Sale and loved that she could still contribute to others, especially those in need.

Mom was incredibly patient too.  She never minded me getting dirty, which I loved to do as a child, and she never minded me making a mess in the house.  I vividly recall wanting to make a salt map--a very messy project with a flour, salt and water mixture--on a Friday night in our small kitchen while she was trying to cut out a dress for my grandmother.  Mom thought it was a reasonable request and my grandmother did not.  I made the salt map to Mom's delight and under my Grandmother's glare.

My Mom was my greatest cheerleader and always had my back--sometimes when she probably shouldn't have, but I love her for doing it.  She always believed I was smarter than I was, kinder than I was and harder working than I was.  She thought I played the piano beautifully which I do not and would frequently request a performance.  She wanted the best for me and saw to it that I had it.  She once took the blame for me when I wrecked her car and no one ever knew--maybe not even now. 

Mom inspire me in all the ways a mother should.  She inspired creativity, a passion for textiles and great design, but most importantly, she taught the love of a mother.  Because of her great love, I am able to love.  That is the best gift a mother can give her child.  Thanks Mom.  Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Hi Robin! I love your blog... and I loved your mom. I still remember listening to her say things sternly, seriously, and seriously funny :).


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