Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An UGLY Bathroom Gets Worse

To refresh your mind on what the title of this post is talking about, yesterday was the "before" of a master bathroom remodel and today is the demo.  This project gets a little worse before it gets better.

Mike, the fantastic contractor, came and began demolition and had the bathroom totally gutted the first day.   And we all know that tearing something up is the easy part.  The tricky part is when what is torn up has to be put back together again, but that's tomorrow's post.   So, without further ado, here are some lovely demolition pictures to enjoy.

Here's a lovely view of the bathroom without the postage-stamp-sized shower stall and the always-cold-on-the-bum-no-matter-how-hot-the-water-is bathtub.  Now let's move around the nicely gutted room and notice the other changes.

Where the ladder stands used to be one of the closets--it looks like a nice size here because you are looking at the long wall that was wasted space in the prior life of the room.  The new closet will go back into this space BUT it will utilize the long walls and borrow a little space from the entryway.  When Mike, the fabulous contractor, was tearing this space out, he noticed that the ceiling could be raise to allow for the triple racks!  Hallelujah! 

The next picture reveals a little bit of the entryway and the other closet space, blue in the picture (that lovely color looked like a bad bruise and the whole master bedroom was the same color with a rose border when we moved in.  Gosh, why did we change it?).  The reason the entryway is visible during this part of the demo was the removal of the entry closet and a hallway.  This was done to enlarge the remodeled closet and to remove one of the doorways into this bedroom--it had two.  Why?  It remains a mystery to us too.

The next shot is of the extra large patch to the wall in the entryway when we removed one of the two doorways that led to the bedroom.  The thermostat, the humidifier controls and the doorbell all had to be moved and we were without heat when the wrong wire was cut.  We were cccold for a few days.

And the final picture today is the inspiration photo that launched all of the decisions I  made for this bathroom.  This was the largest, most expensive project I had ever been in charge of and it was exciting and scary.  My friends and family knew I was eating, sleeping and dreaming about this bathroom for months before anything happened.  It became my obsession for a while but it was worth it-- it is my favorite room in the entire house.  So here's the inspiration, remember, it does not take much for me to start designing and I love the process--and the stomach aches.

Until tomorrow, thanks for reading.  Robin

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