Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An UGLY Master Bathroom

It's been a year since we started this project and it was done in about four weeks with the help of my favorite contractor, Mike the Firefighter, but I thought it would be fun(?) to show you all the steps involved in the transformation.  Here is what the bathroom looked like before (please remember, we knew it looked hideous, that's why we redid it).

For various reasons, my husband is the only one who uses this bathroom--one reason was the shortage of closet space and another reason was shear ugliness--I mean really, what else could it be?

The wooden shutters will be all that remained the same after the remodel.  But let me show you some of the reasons a complete "gut job" was necessary. 

First up is the placement of the shower right next to the toilet--it was so awkward to get in the shower it wasn't funny and the size of the shower was like a postage stamp--really, who designs such awkward spaces?  And, just a side note, glass doors right next to a toilet, need I say more ladies?  Because there was so much space between the vanity and the closet, the room almost echoed and was always cold.  We hated this room, but let me show you a few more reasons.

Here is the lovely toilet/shower arrangement
Yes, that is a Mickey Mouse towel--that is another blog post.  Maybe. 
Someday. Maybe never!

This is the former double vanity with the strange angled edge on the left side of the picture--this was done to mirror another strange angled wall by the toilet that cut off part of the already too small closet.  I think this bathroom was orginally designed on a Friday night after the framers had had a few beers.  You know the conversation, "Hey, let's make this room really funny--toilet by glass shower doors, closets too small, echoing room, marble tub that never, never gets warm no matter how hot the water is, ha, ha, ha!"  Oh well, I digress, it happens often when I talk about this room in its former state. The doors reflected in the humongous mirror are the closet door, directly behind, and to the side the double doors to the bedroom.  These all changed with the remodel.
Now, shall we even begin the discussion of the closets, yes, that would be two very tiny closets that both had chopped off angled walls in them.  Of course, the doors were both placed on the longest walls and the clothing racks were on the short walls.  Both opened so that you had to try to step into the tiny closet and close the door to see clothing rack #2!  Ridiculous!  But, remember, we willing bought this house, so who's laughing all the way to the bank?  The builder and the original owners, that's who.  We do love the house now, but we have complete redone everything except the cabinets in the kitchen and laundry room.

Well, on that happy note, I will leave you with the UGLY room and show you the demolition tomorrow.  In the end you will think my contractor is an angel and so do I.  I seriously love the man and my husband knows it--he does too.

As usual, thanks for reading and have a marvelous Wednesday.  Robin

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