Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Maybe the title of this post should be "Fade From Dark Brown to White", get the idea.

I got this little tobacco chest a few year's back from a neighbor's garage sale for $10!  The neighbor told me this was a family piece, from her husband's side of the family, hence, she had no problem getting rid of it!  I really did try to talk her out of selling it to me at this point, but she wanted it out. of. the. house!  I was happy to carry it across the street to my place.  It had cigarette burns on the top, but to me, it was just part of the history of the piece.  Here it is before paint...

Cute, huh?  I know, you probably can't believe I wanted to paint it, but...I had this new clay paint by Cece Caldwell (not compensated in any way, darn it) and was just itching to put it on a few things, so...

Here's a shot of the inside.  I didn't realize it was lined in some sort of breakable material until I moved it one day.  I had stored something heavy inside and decided to move the chest without unloading it.  BIG MISTAKE!   It broke this front panel.  I was a little sick when it happened and left the broken piece inside until now.  Today I took a hammer (yes, I did) and broke out the rest of the panel and painted the inside of the door--paint covers a lot of mistakes things we don't want to see anymore.

I turned the little piece upside-down to paint its underpinnings and found this little brass plaque.  At this point I thought maybe I had really depreciated a pricey heirloom!  Investigation proved that I hadn't and I could breathe again!  

Here she is in place and I love her even more now!  She will get a coat of wax when the paint is fully cured, but doesn't she look great in her new paint?  Those little legs were tricky to paint and now I know I DO NOT WANT TO PAINT MY STAIR SPINDLES like I thought I did.

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  1. That is did a beautiful makeover! LOVE the style/lines and hardware on it! Visiting from Timewashed today.

  2. You are impressive, Robin! Want to paint my dining room table and chairs?? Ha ha. Hope all is well :)

  3. I love everything about this little table Robin! The hinges and handle are so interesting. Can I call dibs on the next piece you steal?!!!

    Your bargain hunting, map finding friend in Omaha


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