Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Last week I promised a post about a project I was doing for my son's apartment.  Here is the inspiration picture that launched the idea...

He is recreating the design elements of this room and I'll post pictures, as the room comes together.  My part of the room focused on the coat rack.  Here's the details of that project...

First step, buying a 1x4 board 6 feet long.  We bought wood, as opposed to MDF, for durability.  If you rip a screw out of MDF, you have a bigger problem with the repair that real wood.  The board was around $6.

The next step was to space 9 coat hooks, which I already had in my stash, and drill all of the holes for the screws...

Now the board was ready for paint.  We both thought the board in the inspiration photo was black...then I rechecked the photo...so glad I did.  I painted it white, then distressed the edges slightly, lightly colorwashed a stain over the entire board and then sealed everything.

Just a little tip when painting a board that you'd like the sides elevated...push pins on the underside!

Here's the final installation...
I put a french cleat on the back for hanging it on the wall.  The french cleat will disperse weight on the hooks over a longer length and not stress the board as much.

Because we only had to buy a board, the total cost was $6.  Luckily I had the hooks and the cleat.  If I factor those items into the final cost, it would be around $20.

Thanks for reading and hope you are enjoying a wonderful Spring week.


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