Friday, February 14, 2014


This little card has a story to tell...follow along and hear a love story, if you will...

It all started at a Target store in a far away land...okay, my beloved Florida.  My sweetie and I stopped to buy cards to exchange today.  We also had planned to stop by the recycling center and drop off some sacks of, we'll recycling, duh.  

When we returned to the house that night, my sweetie said, "I don't remember what I did with the card I bought you for Valentine's Day."   It wasn't my problem, so being the supportive wife that I am, I just shrugged--after all, I had the two cards I planned to give him.   I know, I am such a sweet person sometimes!

Later on, he said, "I must have throw the sack from Target in the recycling dumpster along with the other sacks of recyclables!"  Again, being the sweet person I am, I just shrugged and felt smug that I had not one card, but two for him.

Well, today, I got up signed my TWO cards and placed them in an obvious spot, and we ate breakfast together. Only when I looked at the cards I had placed in the obvious spot, I saw a third card--one for me from my sweetie!  I was thrilled to think he'd gone and gotten me another card and, being the sweet smug person I am, told him so.  

It was then that he told me that no he didn't buy me another card, HE WENT TO THE RECYCLING DUMSPTER, TRIED TO JUMP UP ON IT, ONLY TO CATCH HIS RIBS ON THE TOP LIP OF THE CONTAINER (OUCH and one sleepless night) AND HE REACHED IN AND GOT THE TARGET SACK WITH THIS BEAUTIFUL VALENTINE FOR HIS LOVE--me!  needless, to say, his card trumps any amount of cards I could give him.  That's my true love and a very good Valentine's story, don't you think?



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