Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Sometimes I just have to get out some paints and experiment.  Last week the urge hit and before I stopped, I had tried three different methods of painting on 12X12 canvases.  I don't think any of these are masterpieces, but I was okay with the results and my limited abilities.

Being vulnerable with you, and not looking for praise or criticism, I'll show them to you in the hope of inspiring you to get out your crayons (or any other media you like) and play for a few hours and see what happens.  The trash is always an option, or you may decide to take a class.  I did have inspiration photos of really great art, but I am not going to even go there and put them beside my afternoon of playtime stuff.

Here's the first one and my favorite

I have seen a lot of very serene coastal art that was a bit vague and was attracted to it.  This is my version.

Here was the second one

I had seen a gorgeous painting with just a part of a boat in it and thought it was worth a shot.  I wasn't as pleased with this one, but this was my husband's favorite.

Here's the third piece

I had seen a crab done on pallet boards and loved it.  I did an hombre background and drew the crab on another piece of paper, then traced that onto the canvas and washed the paint into the outline.  I think I will antique this one with some walnut stain and see how that turns out.


After the original post I did go back to playtime and added some shading to the crab.  Here is that result.  Which one do you like better?

My daughter called these studies--pieces done before the real piece to try techniques (in my case abilities) to see which are successful.  I call them playtime for an adult on a Friday afternoon.

Thanks for the visit.  Hope you enjoyed our time together!


  1. Wow! You should be proud of your "study pieces". Love the last one of the crab. The white crab was nice, but it's amazing with the shading. Thanks for the inspiration to play with the paints.

  2. Your paintings are great! I particularly like the crab (shaded) and I can see that the sea scene (lot of sees going on there!) would make a lovely, relaxing painting for the wall. I definitely think you should crack out the paints again sometime soon!


    1. You all should visit this woman's blog--it is so amazing. I am honored by your visit!

  3. Robin, you were born to live by the ocean :).

    These are lovely, and I think you should take more time to paint whenever possible. It must be therapeutic!

    1. I am thinking I'm going to paint more--even when it doesn't turn out, I like do it!

  4. these are wonderful, Robin. I agree, we all need to just make time for some enjoyable art outlets. Love the "shady" crab. he's adorable!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by Debra. Thanks for hosting the party too!

  6. Robin,

    I think they are wonderful! I think my favorite is the crab!

    Happy Fourth to you!

    1. And a Happy Fourth to you too! Thanks for the visit. Love your blog!

  7. Hi! These are fun!:) there's just somehing about the nautical/beach theme... relaxing, fun, summery. I cant get enough! My fav is the white crab painting. You totally have good paint skills! I wouldnt dare attempt anything this ambitions. Thanks for saying hi on my blog!:)


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