Tuesday, November 06, 2012


I gave a baby shower for a close friend on Saturday and she was doing her nursery in a coastal theme!  This was a "no brainer" for me, as my home is as coastal as a landlocked girl can get it.  I loved thinking up ways to incorporate the theme into the food and decorations.  Here is how I did the centerpiece in the living room where she would be opening her gifts.  I was tickled when she wanted to put the banners in the nursery!

Part of my gift to her was a beach bag she could use as a diaper bag and it had a beach towel she could use as a changing pad.  I forgot to take pictures of the other items I gave her which included finger puppets which will help a newborn's eye tracking abilities and a giant 6-foot ruler to measure the little one as he grows.  She and her husband are petite people and everyone laughed when they how tall the ruler was!

Picture courtesy of dearlillieblog@blogspot.com

 This is what the ruler looked like (click here for more info).

This was the food station I set up with a fishing net, seashells, gummy fish swimming in aqua M&Ms, and utensils wrapped in aqua polka dot napkins and tied with jute.  I made a quiche and an egg strata; along with lemon, blueberry, chocolate and peanut butter gluten-free muffins; fresh fruit salad; candy apple and pumpkin pie coated almonds.  I set up a separate drink station which included spa water (water with lemon and cucumber slices), apricot tea, and pumpkin spiced coffee.

I labeled the almonds with ordinary shipping tags from an office supply company.  I frequently use the same labels for gifts so I had them on hand.

This is a platter of lemon and blueberry muffins.

These are the chocolate and peanut butter muffins.
Those are sharks swimming around the muffins.
Yes, I wrote on the platters with erasable markers to identify the muffin flavors.

The shower was great fun and well-attended by about 30 people.  We all crowded into the living room and enjoyed seeing what is new in baby products.  Mostly, we enjoyed seeing a wonderful woman about to give birth to a lucky, loved baby boy.  We all wish her the best delivery possible and look forward to watching, loving and nurturing her little guy to the best of our abilities as friends.  

Thanks for reading.  Come again soon. 


  1. Beautiful job Robin!


  2. You did an amazing job Robin! It's easy to see a ton of work was involved with this, and your creativity really shines! Well done!!

  3. What a wonderful shower! I love the ruler and the banner hanging on the mirror! So cute! And the food looked delicious!

    Thanks for much popping in to see me and for the sweet comment left! I enjoyed browsing over your blog, which is a great one! -Now following you! :)

  4. This is so ultra cool and cute! I love the giant ruler!

    Glad I found you through Coastal Charm.

  5. Muffins and candies are really lovable, the serving style is really amazing.
    They are really yummy,and the hanging is too beautiful!!!

    Amazing work!!
    Gestuz online

  6. Wow-looks like you went all out and put on a beautiful shower! Your big mirror and banner look great! I'm your newest follower and invite you to stop by :)


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