Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fit For A Queen

This week, I have to report on a dinner fit for a Queen (that would be me, in this rare instance, and in honor of the recent Olympics).  The ocassion was my 39th wedding anniversary to my Prince Charming.  He planned a weekend getaway and whisk me off to the Plaza in Kansas City for a very relaxing weekend.

The dinner was at a little restaurant in the Westport neighborhood--bluestem RESTAURANT (no, capitalization on bluestem, according to their website and business cards).

Yes, that is my Prince Charming, isn't he just adorable!

We were seated at our table and, of course, my mind was sucking in all the details of the decor (it really is an illness sometimes!) and totally enjoying the atmosphere.  Before we were handed our menus a few moments later, a waiter appeared at our table with two small, thumbnail-sized puffed crackers  that he said the chef wanted us to have.  We each took one and thought, "big deal"--until the flavor of that little cracker exploded with deliciousness in our mouths!  We both looked at each other like "what just happened?" and instantly knew the meal we were about to have was going to be a dining experience to blog about, I meant to say, a dining experience to remember!  Oh, the mind of a blogger!

We decided to go with a five-course wine meal after the waitress assured us they would all be small plates and the pours of wine would small.  BUT, before the first course came, this is the tray of food shots the chef sent out.  From left to right they are a cheese bit in a spoon with honey and assorted scrumptuousness, the glass held a cherry soda with a delicious froth, the small bowl had a shrimp tempera with a spicy aoli sauce, and the egg cup contained onion soup topped with avocado oil.  At this point, the clouds had now parted and heaven was shining down on this little restaurant!  The taste buds were almost barking for the next bit of stimulation!  Every single sauce was homemade as were the three types of bread on the table.

This was how my first course was presented.  Of course this is a salad and it was perfection too.  Each course was presented and the waiter would tell you each ingredient you were about to eat--I loved that!  

Sorry to say, but that was the extent of my pictures--my stomach and my attention to Prince Charming made me forget about blogging for the next couple of hours.

I would highly recommend this little restaurant in KC for a fabulous, relaxing dining experience.

As always, thanks for reading.  Till next time...

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  1. Sounds wonderful Robin! Happy Anniversary.


  2. On my, that salad looks delicious. Love the way it is served.
    Coming over from Savvy Southern Style
    Happy Anniversary.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures. a new follower.


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