Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beachy Miscellany

I've been to my beloved Florida again, aaahhhh.......
My spirit is renewed and I'm making plans for my next visit.  Glad I'm not there this week.  My heart aches and I pray for the people affected by Hurricane Issac.

One of our outings this year was a visit to Coastal Living's 2012 Ultimate Beach House in Rosemary Beach.  I had read a lot of negative press about this home and wanted to see it for myself.  It sold during construction for $2.7 million.

This was the saltwater pool area. Behind the pool was a lanai with a fireplace, seating, dining and an outdoor kitchen.  Sorry I didn't photograph this for you.

Another view of the pool.  I just wanted a pool-boy to bring me a mojito and let me swish my toes in the pool while reading a great book!  Maybe that's the reason I didn't get a picture of the lanai...I was daydreaming!

Strange picture, huh?  But...I loved this floor and I've been known to design an entire room around a floor.  It was wire-brushed oak that had a pickled finish.  Yes, those are my lovely toes with that fabulous turquoise polish...I did them myself!  Thought they'd look good in the sand later in the week.  Enough about me...let's see some more pictures.

Another floor picture...are you kidding?  Well...this was a bathroom floor that was just gorgeous.  I had never seen glass tile used for an entire walking surface.  Do you like it?    I love this floor more than I can say, it just made my heart flutter!

This picture probably doesn't need a comment, but that's never stopped me before!  I love the fat rope suspending the mirror from a hook and the modern light fixtures all on a soft blue painted wall.  Yummy.

That's it for the Ultimate Beach House pictures, but I can't leave you just yet. (If you'd like to see more pictures of this home, just goggle it, there are tons in blogland.)  While at a restaurant, I had to potty and this is what I spotted...yes, I had my camera with me in the bathroom and I know I'm not the only one, am I?  Well, I had to show you this super-cute, super-easy framing idea.  

It is a piece of wood with a piece of beadboard on top with a postcard on top with a piece of glass on top of everything with clips holding the glass.  Super-cute, huh?  I want one of these!

A new Florida friend invited me into her very charming home and I asked her if I could photograph this cute little shelf she had over her toilet (notice a trend here?).  Another super-cute idea.

Now, I have just a couple more pictures of pictures to show you.  These are pictures that captured me with their calmness.  

These are my vacation pictures for you--hope you enjoyed them.  I appreciate the visit from you and hope you return.


  1. I would like to be standing just on the edge of that last picture, looking out. It looks so lovely. Mind you, I also wouldn't mind relaxing around that pool either!
    I love the floors, I can understand why you would want to photograph those.

  2. Do you get a lot of strange looks....carrying that camera into restrooms, and then walking back out, after the flash has gone off?! ;)


  3. Loved seeing these pictures, both the design house and your own pics. Thanks!!!


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