Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Tour of Absolute Vintage Boutique

The writer's block is gone, yeah!  I just needed to do the last post and everything cleared.  Wahoo! 

Today I went to a new place that just opened and the shop owner was one of the nicest women--she was happy to have me snap pictures of her store instead of ripping me about it like some people have done and she is a blogger too.  Click here to see the blog.  She and her sisters run the store and the blog.  Love that sister connection.  When I walked in with my sister, my sister knew the Grandmother to all these women--small world--they had the best time catching up on each other's lives while I was busy as a hornet snapping pictures.  Beware, there are a lot of pictures in this post--maybe the most of any post I've ever done.  You have just got to visit this store in person if you live in Wichita--it was wonderful--it is right across from the Target store on Maple in West Wichita.

This is their cute little tag that is on everything--yes, I bought something I'll show you later--shocking, isn't it.  The shop also has a website.

This was the cutest little red lantern wired as a lamp!

This was a religious section of vintage artifacts.

A view of one of the many displays.

They do some signage too!  Isn't this bench pretty, love the font!

I think this is another original sign from one of the sisters. 
I am in LOVE with signs right now--so nostalgic!

This shot shows a whole room setting
The store is large, but intimate, and well laid-out. 
Wonderful to wonder through and still not see everything the first time.

I LOVED this picture-still trying to figure out a place for it. 
I may just have to buy it and figure it out later so that I'm not sad to have missed it! 
It was a textile piece and done extremely well.

LOVED that ball of twine! 
And that little picture frame in the upper right is too cute--my Mom had a large one with a picture of yours truely in it at age 7 or 8!

The next series of pictures shows some of their seasonal items.  Very well done and original ideas too.

This is the little guy that came home with me. 
Do you see the price--so reasonable!  
I think I've started an involuntary turkey collection this Fall--of course I'll show you in another post, but we've got to have Halloween first--it's a rule, I think!

Thanks for reading, and sorry to all my readers who can't come to Wichita to visit this lovely place, but I do hope you enjoyed the tour and do visit their website--you can buy some things there too!  Robin

Parties to attend--come with me


  1. Robin. Thank you soo much for the shout out! The pics are awesome! It was great to meet you! Please come back soon!

  2. This place is terrific, Robin! So happy for the introduction! I will be looking at the website!

    Thank you for linking this lovely post to Potpourri Friday! I really appreciate you and your participation! I hope you will make this a weekly party stop.

    I have just become a friend and follower and hope you will do the same!

  3. There are lots of great things around us, you are professional photographer and really great shoot you shard here. Yo have a knowledge to take photos in a way.

  4. Fabulous post! Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  5. love the bench!

    visiting from romantic home and want to invite you over to my shabby chic giveaway:



  6. Wonderful place I am eyeing a few things...


  7. What a fun tour. That frame is very sweet! Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!


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