Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blogger Block + An Important Event

My children are grown and like to lead private lives--I'm not supposed to talk about them much on my blog. 

I have had blogger block this week hard to believe, I know and it stems from the fact that a very important event happened at our house last week and I wanted to write about it--imagine that, a blogger that wants to write about her life!  The event was symbolized by this giant cake in our front yard, courtesy of our neighbor, to mark my oldest's 30th birthday.  Notice how I am not showing her picture, like a good mother, even though I would LOVE to.  I am a proud Mom to put it mildly, but I respect my children's privacy--sometimes.

This was a 7 foot tall birthday cake!

When my neighbor heard it was my daughter's birthday she came over with a mischevious look on her face and suggested we put this in the yard--I was delighted.   I promptly made her some cinammon rolls (see deliciousness tab for the recipe) to thank her.  I think she deserved cinammon rolls, don't you?

Here she is 28 years ago.  Oops!  Really, how did this sneek in here?  The picture fairy at her best, I think.

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