Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Little Reveal

Do you remember in a blog post far, far away that I showed you this little beauty that my sweet sis "loaned" me?  If you'd love to go back and read that inspiring post, it is here.  Wow, I really left you hanging in suspense for a long time on this one.  Sorry!  I know you all have just been dying to know how this project turned out, NOT!  But, alas, I'll show it to you anyway--just to keep my word. 

Drumroll, please, here it is--

Wow, isn't that just amazing--no, it is not and that little bugger was harder than I ever expected, hence the wrinkles gathers.  I had trouble with the staple gun I borrowed from my wonderful brother-in-law, and the whole project was just hard, but I got it done.  Sometimes when things get hard, I get more determined.  Can I hear an amen?

To finish it off and hide the staples I cut a piece of fabric, folded under the raw edges and ironed it.  It looked like bias tape, but I did not cut it on the bias-- I avoid that like the plague.  Then I hot glued it over the staple row.  I was thinking I would like it simple so as not to draw attention to the poor reupholstering job but I had the gimp, so I hot glued it on top of the fake bias piece to finish the whole thing off.  I am happy enough with it and the best part of the whole project is it was my mother's.  It goes well with my chair and I sometimes like the imperfect a lot.  Hope this inspires you to let yourself be creative and less than perfect too. 

Just because I really appreciate you reading, I adding some eye candy as a treat.  Sorry this picture  was ripped out of a catalog--that just how I roll sometimes.  I just love this collection of hand mirrors and will be trying to duplicate this soon.  They look like antiques and they were not for sale in this catalog, they were a prop.  Enjoy.  Till next time, Robin

Image from Anthropologie

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  1. Hi, hopped over from BNOTP. I agree, upholstery is much harder than you think. I think you did a dandy job. Love the old mirror collection. Can't wait to see yours. Now a new follower.

  2. I think it turned out well. And it matches so much better than the ducky fabric. I have an upholstery job that I need to do soon, but it is so intimidating that I just push it off until later.

  3. This looks great -- I love it!



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