Tuesday, August 09, 2011

El Dorado Suitcases

Hi again.   Life has had me tied up in wonderful ways.  First, my son got a job in Kansas City (yeah) which required a day trip to look for housing the same day my daughter was returning from three months in Spain.  It was quite a day and then, my daughter's flight from Dallas to Wichita was five (FIVE) hours late because of storms.  We were thankful for an intelligent decision to delay, but it made for a 2 a.m. landing--a long, happy day.  My other excuse for not posting is a new computer, need I say more?  It does not function at all like my old one and this old dog has to learn some new tricks.  I must say I love technology and I hate technology.

All that aside, I wanted to post some photos I shot during the spring of old homes in El Dorado, Kansas.  I love looking, gleaning ideas and drooling over architectural features from the past. 

These pictures are an inspirational look at repurposing old leather suitcases.  We've all seen them done this way, but I thought you might enjoy some more views and ideas. 

Just love the colors of these cases and the absolute "flatness" of them too.

It is unusual to find three matching cases.  Lovely carpet and wallpaper combination, NOT, but look at the baseboards, aaahhh...

Loved the incorporation of old sewing machine drawers to add interest.  Again, the flooring and wood paneling don't add much to the composition, but....

It was soon after these shots that the garage sale heavens opened up and I found the bottom two suitcases for $10.  The top case has a very special place in our hearts at this house--it was my husband's suitcase for going to grandma's house as a youngster!  Love seeing it everyday and thinking of all the happy times he has told me about with his grandparents.

Thanks for stopping in once again.  I'll be back soon, I got a wonderful summer recipe to share with you that I made today.  Till then....Robin

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  1. bon jour robin! so nice of you to stop by my blog and leave such sweet compliments! you made me smile! it's nice to meet you too! I'm your newest follower as well! :) as for your suitcases...j'adore! I have a whole Pinterest board with just "travel cases!" check it out.....there's a link on my blog's sidebar.....the board is entitled "Bon Voyage!"

  2. I think I have that suitcase on the bottom of your stack. I just started collecting them and I think I'm going to keep them stacked in my office for storage. I need one more good one though to make a nice display.


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