Saturday, July 30, 2011

Eye Candy

I was in a beautiful store a few days ago and snapped some photos to share with my blog friends.  This is my favorite inspiration place in Wichita, but not my favorite prices! 

Loved the writing on the back of the bench.  The table was set abundantly with blue transferware. still my heart.

Sorry about the picture quality here.  I was shooting undercover!  This was a cute chalkboard with a wicker frame.  About a thousand places to use something like this.

Loved this grouping of white vessels.   Loved the "LAUGH" too.

I forgot to look to see if this water damaged book was for sale.  Don't think I'll be copying this idea.  How about you, do you like it?

As always, thanks for reading and enjoy your candy, eye candy that is.  Robin


  1. That water damaged book is pretty whack. However, everything else is gorgeous!

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    However, if you feel you must have something, choose one or the other, not both. Both make the person leaving the comment feel as if they just went through an obstacle course in order to leave you a comment... then they are less likely to leave more.
    Again, just a friendly tip, do with it what you will.
    Cute blog! Following!


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