Thursday, April 14, 2011

Heeeeeeeeeeeeere's Charlie

It's Thursday and it's time to introduce my newest house "friend" Charlie.  Charlie is my our newest house pet and will might make apprearances on this blog every Thursday from time to time.  He is a rescued pet from Pier One and grateful to be with us.  He is willing to do may jobs around the house, as will become evident in future posts.  He loves people and welcomes you to put your hand in his mouth, down his throat even and right into his tummy (when appropriate, of course, let's not forget our manners here people!).  When coming to the house, be sure and look for Charlie, as he eagerly awaits your visits.  I've included a picture of the dear boy so you'll recognize his plumpness and cuteness when you come over.  I am please to present in all his glory Charlie.

Sorry, his tummy is full of nerd gumballs.  Everything he eats shows on his belly--just like me!

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