Friday, April 22, 2011

Good to the Soul

unfathomable love
simple joy
wonderful grace
unending hope
authentic peace

I was reading the Imparting Grace blog a few days ago and she had received a tray with this saying on it and I have to say I was just flooded with "good to the soul" emotions when I read those words, especially as I ponder Holy Week and the events of Jerusalem 2011 years ago.  I never intended my blog to evangelize, but I cannot deny the impact faith has on my life.  I am blessed beyond what I deserve and a big part of my blessings come from my friends who are able to impart "simple joy, unending hope, wonderful grace and authentic peace" to me when they least know they are doing such a heavenly deed.  A day with dread can change with a phone call from a friend and a happy ocassion is always better shared in laughter with a friend.  I write this blog as if I never know who is reading it and that will continue to be my point of view, but to all my friends, thank you.  To all my unknown friends reading, call a friend and just chat with them.  You never know the difference it can make in a life.

I ponder the question as I moved toward Easter morning of whether I would walk into Jerusalem, facing the cross and be willing let them nail me to it and taunt me as I hang dying if I knew it could save mankind.  I pray that my answer would be yes but I am unsure.  Let your ponderings take you to the cross and beyond this week.  Happy Easter to All, Robin
P.S. I've enclosed some spring decorations for your enjoyment.

Up from the grave he arose, with a mighty triumph over his foes!

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