Monday, April 18, 2011

From Plastic to Fantastic Easter Eggs

Before I reveal the eggs, I must say that I am posting a little prematurely because I am so excited about the eggs and how they turned out.  I did three different techniques on them and love them all.  Hope you do too.  They did not take very long to do but the third method did involve some burned fingertips.  I won't be needing skin grafts they will probably be healed in a few hours, but head the warning! 

Here are the eggs, straight from the storage bins of many years--

Here is how I started.  For the first egg, I just tore masking tape and stuck it on the egg, overlapping edges and trying not to have any straight edges.

Here is how it looks with a few more pieces stuck on..

And here it is completely covered

Now the only other thing I did was forget that I did not have any brown shoe polish, so I went to my craft stash and found some Americana Gel Stain in walnut and rubbed it on with a paper towel.  The wine bottle I had seen done this way (in the distant past) used brown shoe polish, but use whatever you have is my motto.  Voila!  My little crackled egg. 

For the next egg I did, I  cut the pieces of tape and I think the end result is a negligible difference.  Neither process took any longer, so how you do it is up to you.  I will Mod Podge them both (mine was dried up beyond belief) before putting them away.

Before I show you the final result, I did the third egg completely differently than the other two I got bored and wanted to try something new and hot glued jute twine around it ('cause, you know I love a coastal flair to anything I lend one to, it's the missing Florida time of the year for me) and I love this egg too--it was the one that caused the burns (they are already healed, just kidding, hey, I'm typing they can't be too bad, right?).

Here are a few closeups for your scrutiny.  Enjoy!

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