Monday, August 29, 2016


I recently toured a model home in Florida and fell in love with the bathroom finishes.  Thought I'd share them with you...

In this photo, you can see the barrel-vaulted ceiling (swoon...) and the trim around the entire bath enclosure.  What is not quite clear in this photo is that the field tile had a linen finish.  The combination was stunning!  The bathrooms were such a surprise, because I did not like the rest of the home at all.

Here's a close-up of the marble trim.  Gorgeous, huh?

The barrel-vaulted ceiling...marble mosaic

The niche trimmed out...marble

And lastly, the flooring...herringbone marble tile

Another shower in the same home

Too bad the rest of the house did not measure up to the bathrooms--seemed like an opportunity missed on such a potentially wonderful space.  BUT, I had to show you these bathrooms.  Hope you enjoyed the visit as much as I enjoyed showing it to you!



  1. I love marble and yes, bathroom and these are pretty too. We are in the middle of a reno of the bedroom and bathroom of the guest area. Lots of projects here. My house is a total mess for the moment. I'm putting a real good face to
    thru it all, lol..

  2. Good luck on your reno Fabby! They can be stressful, but very enjoyable once they are finished and your vision has been realized!


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