Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The Spring Parade of Homes was held in Wichita the past three weekends and I wanted to share some unique home features that I found.  I should note that the first weekend of the parade I toured the most expensive home on the tour and didn't find anything I wanted to share here.  I was ready for the house to be "jaw-dropping" gorgeous, but I found most of the features out of scale--even for a large home--and very dark heavy paints, finishes and furniture.  Just not my style, but most regular readers here wouldn't expect that style on this blog.  

Sooooo, now that you know my bias, let me show you what I did like.  The first three photos are of kitchens.

Notice the cooking area and look up.  I thought this cabinetry was stunning.  I hope that high cabinet had a light to showcase the space.  Ohhhh, how I would love that pot filler too!

This is another area above a cooktop.  I am looking to make a few updates in my own kitchen and this is a definite possibility.  I love the white cabinets and the sea-blue accents.  Not crazy about the black tile at all.  Everything else is more cottage-styled and the black tile looks too modern for my taste.  Any thoughts?

This is a bamboo farm sink!  This is definitely a first for me.  Not sure it would wear well; look at the next photo of the sink's interior...

The top arrow is a good-sized scratch and the bottom arrow is a spot of some type on a dry sink.  Also, how would you sanitize it?  I'm a practical cook and this might be great in a kitchen that isn't used much.  I cook most days and like a clean disinfected sink!

The next three photos are bathroom features.

I've seen nooks in showers, but I've never seen the shower head recessed.  I like this very much.  I might set here to shave my legs--out of the water stream.  Notice the other recess on the left-side of the photo for storing bath products.

Loved the barrel-vault, tiled ceiling and the matching picture-tiled inset.  There was no window in this shower, that is a reflection from the opposite wall.

I had not seen a picture-framed tile accent wall behind a tub before and thought it was a unique feature.

What do you think?  Would you incorporate any of these unique features in your home if you could?  I would especially like to know what you think of the bamboo kitchen sink and if you have one, how it is holding up to everyday wear.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you enjoyed the features. 


  1. Robin - Thanks for sharing the tour of homes with us. They are really pretty. That first kitchen is unbelievable. You'd certainly have to have a footstool in that kitchen. Love the white kitchen.


  2. Hi Robin, thanks for your comment and stopping by. I'm with you on that second one...loving the white bead board, but not the tile at all. I would kill for that sea blue canister though. Wish I knew where to get one! That was really observant of you to notice the wear on the bamboo sink. I wouldn't have thought about that. Don't you know it probably *seemed* like a good idea at the time! We don't have a recessed shower head, but we do have a little recessed space for our shower products. I didn't realize how much we would use it until I cleaned it the first time!


  3. Wood is naturally anti-bacterial, so I guess you wouldn't have to really sanitize the sink? Never heard of a bamboo sink before, though! ha
    I love going to parade of homes. :-)


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