Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I like the emptiness of putting away the holidays for a little while and then....I'm like a kid peaking at my presents....I cannot wait to see what is in the next box of pretties....

That is what happened late last week as I went in to clean my storage room (yeah, that didn't happen).  I started looking in my Valentine boxes and I was hooked.  I wanted to see my stuff and before I knew it, this little tree was decorated with happiness!  You know what happens when the happiness comes out....I have to show you!

I have six of the large heart ornaments, but there of two kinds.
The matte heart above

The shiny ones

The white ones are at the top...this year.
Who knows where these will be next year?
Each year is different around here--it's kind of a disease.....

The back of the ornament says,
"Always remembered.  Always in our hearts."
Not so sure what that is supposed to mean.
Any ideas?

This one is my favorite.
My piano teacher gave it to me years ago.
We are still friends of the dearest kind.

Thanks for reading, or maybe just looking.
Hope I didn't rush you with my heart tree--I couldn't wait any longer!

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  1. LOVE THIS! If someone is always remembered, always in ur heart -- it indicates that someone passed away ...

  2. I just love this wonderful heart tree, I was thinking of doing one this year, I saw a cute wire tree at tuesday morning, just haven't got moving on it..I love the way you just get hooked on a new thing when the old thing is over, I do the same thing...I am a new follower of yours and would love for you to come on over for a visit...I will be getting out my hearts for sure...

    1. O girl, go get that tree, you will love it! I will defintely be paying you a visit soon! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the follow. I will return that favor too!

  3. Good Evening Robin, You have won my heart with your hearts. Like you I adore them and any excuse and they are brought out. I have been known to leave my hearts hanging all year round and that is alright, because if they are loved, why not. Have a lovely evening, Daphne

    1. Stopped by and looked at some of those delicious recipes. I love to cook and will have to remember to try some of them. I loved your hand-stitched hearts for Christmas. Did you show your tree? I love to see it.

  4. Valentine's is right around the corner so you might as well enjoy its cheerful red. I'm of the notion that if you are going to decorate, you should have the decorations out long enough to reall enjoy them.

  5. I love your heart tree Robin. Are some of these ornaments from the DOLLAR tree. I want to keep in keeping with the party for inspiration from the dollar tree. Thanks.

  6. Such a sweet way to decorate for Valentine's Day...love your tree!

  7. Your heart tree is gorgeous! What a beautiful idea!

  8. Love your little heart tree, especially the white ones! Also, fabulous new banner!!!!

  9. So pretty! I love the heart tree, as well as those white heart ornaments with the gold writing! Have a great weekend! Thanks for sharing!

  10. What a pretty heart tree! I love the writing, too!


  11. Robin, I have had my Valentines decor out a week now. I too could not wait any longer. Your hearts are so beautiful. I adore that last one also. To me the saying means that no matter where you might be you will always be remembered because you have touched and are in our hearts. You made me smile when you said you never know how it will be next year. I am the same way. I like to mix things up. In fact, I do not go back and look at what I did the previous year until I've finished this years decor. Thanks so much for sharing with SYC. Hope you share often. I am now following you.


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