Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kansas City Art Crawl

Last weekend we ventured up to Kansas City again (our son lives there) to go a First Friday Art Crawl and to visit some antique stores that are only open one weekend a month.  We went up on Friday afternoon and experienced the worst wind and rain we've ever driven through--it was white knuckle time most of the way.  Of course, when we got to KC, the worst of the weather was over (thankfully) and we had great weather for the rest of the visit.

Before leaving, I would have thought that this post would be featuring the wonders of the antique stores, but, the Art Crawl was so meaningful, that I had to feature one of the stops--a beautiful Russian Orthodox Church, Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral.  It really was the combination of intriguing artwork and a gorgeous church that struck such a beautiful cord with me.  I hope you enjoy your visit too.

I entered through a side door and this was the first thing I saw.  The ironwork was stunning and I had never seen this type of feature in a cathedral before--and I have toured many churches.  (The cute couple were posing for a picture.)  I turned to the right of the photo and began seeing some of the many works of art featured.

They were all done by the same artist, Ludmila Pawlowski.  She is originally from Russia, but now resides in Sweden.  The premise of her work is "Icons in Transformation" and the meaning behind her work, like those of her inspiration, is deep and rich.  The two I feature are a very small representation of the scope of her work and I would encourage anyone who has the chance to view her work to take the time and the pleasure of it.

Her work is usually shown in a cathedral, so that the work may be seen "with the heart, rather than the mind".  I felt immersed in the beauty and the divine essence of each of her works.  Some were quite large, others were small, all were very intimate.

The view from the front doors of the church.  Aaaaaahhhhh!  I just loved the feeling and the beauty of it.

A close-up of the arch seen on the right side of the previous photo.  The painting below the cross is a traditional icon painting of Christ.

Stepping through the arch, this painting emerges.  This is much smaller than the previous piece and to me at least, represents the eyes of Christ.  What do you see?

This was the platform of the cathedral and I was honored to be allowed to photograph it and walk in the space.  The ceiling over this part of the structure was sooooo tall--not interesting in a photo, but commanding when standing in the space.

Before this visit, I had always been fascinated by religious icons, and had no understanding of them other than the visual image.  I am grateful to know that they are a means of directing prayer toward God and open the window of ourselves to let the divine in more fully.

Good design began in the church and I am happy to present another magnificent example.

Thanks for reading, or just pondering the pictures.  It is a joy to meet with you here.
Peace to all.

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  1. The church is awe inspiring and the iron work is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the photos of your visit.

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