Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Some Summer Lovin'

Today, the post begins with a picture instead of  words.  I think this picture rocks and I took it myself!  I'm not a proud photographer, but sometimes everything just lines up for us amateurs and WOW does it ever surprise me.  If you're a photographer and could tell me how I did this, I would love you forever.

This is my first tomato of the season!  I am super excited and hope the weather cooperates--last year it was so hot in Kansas we couldn't grow tomatoes, or much else!  It was too stinkin' hot for this girl.

These are going to be red peppers!  Yeah!  The recent hail did beat the leaves up decently, but, at least I've still got peppers growing.  Gotta love Kansas weather.

This is the herb pot this year and we're already harvesting fresh herbs for the many, many salads we eat--sometimes they even make it into the cooking!

Did you know gardenias are edible?   I even found a recipe for gardenia ice cream!  I may pass on that, but, oh my goodness, does this make the deck smell like you just walked into heaven!  My deck chair is right by this magnificent tree and all I have to do is breathe and enjoy.  I adore this plant...I just hope I can keep it alive!

Hope summer is treating you well, even though it's not officially summer until next week.  It never hurts to celebrate the good things in life a little early and then enjoy them longer than expected, right?

Thanks for reading and enjoying the goodness of life with me.  Till next time...

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  1. Nothing beats the first tomato of the year! I had no idea Gardenias are edible....makes sense since they smell good enough to eat!

  2. Nothing beats the taste of something you have grown yourself. Your crops are way ahead of mine, but it's a wonder ours haven't drowned in all the rain we've been having lately. I'm not sure I could bring myself to eat the gardenia, because then the beauty would be lost.

  3. Robin, Your plants are looking great and I love the first photo of the baby tomato. Gardenias are among my favorite flowers. We have them on three sides of the house and the fragrance is heavenly.

  4. Home grown tomato's...aka slice of heaven. I don't care how pretty they are in the store or how much I paid..if I have one from my garden, well it is just so much better from the garden! (It is the time & effort we put in!) I have, and always have had Gardenias, never knew they are edible. They smell so sweet..

  5. A first tomato... I was sick most of the spring planting season, no tomatoes for me this year except from the store... love your shot! Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #35!

  6. Your patio garden looks wonderful! Great photos! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  7. Your plants are beautiful! Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!


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