Saturday, February 18, 2012

Old School GPS


Now days, when we don't know the directions to a place, we plug it into our phone, computer or Garmin and away we go.  In another era, a compass pointed the way and always showed true North.  I love the images and stories I can makeup in my imagination of traveling this way.  So when I saw a gorgeous rug with a compass on it on Mandi Gubler's blog, Vintage Revival, along with detailed instructions to recreate it, I knew I had a future project driving me crazy until I could get to it waiting.

Here is  my interpretation, in chalk, of Mandi's compass.

This board started out as an old green chalkboard from my church and was free for the taking.  I know I took picture of it in the original condition, but it escapes me now where I might have stored it--maybe on my old computer, maybe on the new one--who knows?  Sorry:(   

First thing I did to get the old board to its current state of gorgeousness,  was to paint the green chalkboard black.  Next, I painted the unstained wood frame white with some paint I had on hand.  The first idea for the board's new life  was to put the actual music and words to "Angels We Have Heard On High" on it at Christmas.   Sad to say, that stayed a little too long and  I was wondering what to do with my "new" chalkboard  when I saw the idea about painting on  a sisal rug and thought I could modify the original idea and do it in chalk on my new chalkboard and hang (or sit) it vertically.  I also wanted to test the idea out to see if maybe I would like to buy a large canvas and replicate the idea for one of my walls.   Here's the original idea I stole borrowed.

She did this idea with paints on a sisal rug.  Isn't this just too darn cute?   Check out the room setting and drool--it is just adorable.

  Here's another shot of my idea in the actual setting in my home.  If I keep it I will add pictures of maps from my favorite places I've visited around it--this is one large, large wall!

Here's a close-up of the chalk work.

Hope you enjoyed a little bit of my craziness.  I love the process and thrive on the creation.  Thanks for reading and thanks to Mandi for allowing me to use her picture on this post.  Check out her blog and look at the nightstand she covered in TIN FOIL--again, too darn cute.

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  1. Love it! I just might have to do something like this.


  2. You did a wonderful job of re-creating the compass on your chalkboard, Robin! If I get some spare time (ha ha ha) I'd really like to try this! I'm going to "clip" your photo if you don't object! ~ Sue


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