Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Eating Time

No, this is not a post about eating, as in food eating, but eating time--literally, well, maybe not literally, but my point is about something that is consuming my time lately and it is this little beauty.

My hubby noticed my extreme frustration with my old computer about two years ago--yes, TWO years ago and has been trying, unsuccessfully, to nudge, okay kick, me toward a new machine.  If you know me at all, I usually have to be forced to get a new cell phone or any other technology gadget.  My cell phone company told me my old phone would no longer work on the network unless I upgraded.  My old computer got a nasty virus a couple of years ago and I had it debugged, but it never really recovered.  But, I knew how to do everything I wanted to do on it and so the thought of going to another machine made me break out in a cold sweat--really!  A few months ago I got another computer and hated it right out of the box and was able to get rid of it and did--reverting instantly back to my old machine.  Well, Christmas comes and Santa brings me a Mac Book Pro and I love it!  Right out of the box, I love this computer and the service guy at Apple was so nice to me today on the phone that I think I will never go back to Windows!  NO, I am not being paid...please, they wouldn't dare offer someone as challenged as me an endorsement for anything with computing power! 

Soooo, I went from this

to this

And this is my kitchen office--my kitchen island is where all the blogging and surfing happen.  Just thought you might like to know--but maybe you could care less--if so, sorry, but this is a major life event in this household, believe me.  Now I can blog with a little less complaining, but I am not sure how the pictures compare because I am used to seeing them on the old Dell.  All pictures look wonderful on a Mac, even unedited ones.  Let me know how the pictures are showing up and watch out--I am looking into cameras next, but I've already been thinking about it for over a year.  I just don't make these changes quickly or without a lot of whining discussions with my friends and family.

Happy Tuesday.  I know you probably would have preferred Home Tour Tuesday, but the organizing bug is in the house, and you know, it looks worse before it looks better.  I'm trying to decide what is going into the garage sale pile from my Christmas stash.  ugh!

Lots of text today and not a lot of pictures, but I will tell you I am going sometime this week to do a feature on an antique booth--stay tuned.....until next time, thanks so much for still reading this lengthy post and letting me vent.  Robin


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  1. Hello! I just found you on Cedar Hill Ranch Blog Directory, I'm now your newest follower!
    I love your Christmas mantel so much, I tried to pin it but Pinterest has been having trouble since yesterday and I couldn't get it to pin from your blog. I'm now a follower of yours on pinterest and was hoping you had a picture of it on there but there wasn't, really liked your mantel!
    Stop by when you have a few minutes!


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