Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have a new banner on my blog!  This is significant to me only, but a major accomplishment and I won't even tell you how much time it took me to learn this new skill.  I will give credit to a free program called for help with this feat, but that only took it so far and then I was surfing the net again for backgrounds.  Not perfect, but after too many hours good enough for now.  You know how it is, though, now that I know how to do it, I will probably change it several times.  Maybe it is another reason to keep reading the blog--we'll see.

Also, sometime ago, I made it easier to comment on the blog.  You can now do it anonymously without any kind of account.  So feel free to comment away--all three of my followers!

Well, I couldn't just write the dry stuff above without showing you some eye candy too.  Here are some rooms that I just love and I am not sure where any of these pictures came from, except from my design file on my computer.  If anyone knows the origin of the photos, I'd be glad to give credit to them.  Enjoy and thanks for reading one more time.  Robin

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  1. I love the splashes of color in these rooms. Beautiful!


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