Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nothing to show yet.....

I just gave the little red lantern another spray coat of oil rubbed bronze paint and it is still trying to dry while remaining upright--quite a feat outside in Kansas  this time of year.  Maybe tomorrow it will be ready for it's unveiling...we'll see, it is acting a little shy and unsure of its color change.  Strange little red lantern, but I love you just the same.

I was reading another blog today, http://www.houseofthehepworths.com/ and she was showing a really neat post on these new printed duct tapes.  She completely covered boxes with them, and WOW, they looked great. 

I seriously love reading blogs and that is what led me to do this blog, but I haven't got a clue on how to link you better to other people's blogs that I admire.  This is a journey and I love to learn, so I hope you enjoy seeing this blog and myself evolve.

A big shout out to Kristi, my FIRST follower.  Thank you loyal friend.

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